Housing Gender Policies

Most of UWM’s all suite-style housing is coed by floor, meaning that all residents of a suite will be of the same gender, but the suite next door may be all residents of the opposite gender. However, some exceptions exist as we do have approved inclusive housing suites and a couple floors that are all-male or all-female.

Inclusive Housing

UW-Milwaukee is proud to be the first university in the University of Wisconsin System to offer Inclusive Housing. Inclusive Housing offers an inviting, welcoming space for students who are transgender, gender non-binary, gender non-conforming, LGBTQ+, or who have other cultural or identity considerations related to living in the residence halls at UW-Milwaukee as well as students who identify as allies. University Housing will have some suites (and possibly floors, depending upon student interest) where students may request any roommate without regard to gender identity or physical sex. Students interested in Inclusive Housing should contact University Housing or the LGBT Resource Center, or email inclusive-housing@uwm.edu.

Single-Gender Communities

UW-Milwaukee also offers its residents the opportunity to elect to live on a single-gender floor. This preference is made at the time of contract completion. It may be amended up until the start of the Assignment process.