RecyclingThe State of Wisconsin and the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee are dedicated to saving the environment through recycling. University Housing has developed a recycling program that allows for the collection and easy separation of recyclables from the general waste stream. We presently recycle within the four main categories:

  • Paper: includes paper, newspapers, cardboard, container board, magazines.
  • Cans: includes aluminum, steel and tin.
  • Glass: includes brown, clear and green glass.
  • Plastics: includes any plastic that has the recycling symbol and a number 1 or 2.

Recycling Helpful Hints

  • Separate your recyclables from your general waste. Do not allow contamination of recyclables.
  • Rinse out all cans, glass, and bottles. Remove metal caps and/or rings. Paper or plastic labels and rings do not need to be removed.
  • Pizza boxes and plastic bags are not recyclable.
  • Large items (mattress toppers, foam pillows, futons) should be taken directly to the dumpsters in the parking garage.
  • Only buy those items that are made from recyclable products and can be recycled again. Residents are encouraged to help save the environment and assist in the recycling program.