UWM University Housing Tours

Campus Visits

We highly encourage you to see the full campus through a Campus Visit tour, which runs 60 minutes and includes a tour of Sandburg Residence Hall. If you’re not looking for a guided tour of the entire campus, we also offer Housing-Only tours of all our residential communities.

Scheduling A Housing Tour

For tours of Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Square Apartments, RiverView Residence Hall, and Sandburg Traditional Towers (North/South/West), guests must register at least 24 hours in advance within a predetermined schedule (see Current Tour Schedule below). Please note that University Housing tour sizes are currently capped at a total of 20 people and we are asking that each student only bring up to 2 guests for the tour.

Private and small-group tours of Sandburg East Tower may be scheduled with at least 2 business days’ notice (subject to availability). To inquire about tour possibilities, contact the University Housing Student Outreach Assistants at uhmktg@uwm.edu.

Current Tour Schedule

We are currently updating our Fall pre-set tour options. To inquire about any Housing-Only tour for your small group or family, please email the Housing Outreach Office at uhmktg@uwm.edu


Plan Your Visit

Check-in & Parking
University Housing is unfortunately unable to provide complimentary or validated parking. 

Cambridge Commons: Street parking only. Meet your Outreach Assistant at the Service Desk inside the main doors.

Kenilworth Square Apartments: Street parking/metered public parking on the 1st floor of garage only. Meet your Outreach Assistant at the Service Desk inside the main doors.

RiverView Residence Hall: Street parking only. Meet your Outreach Assistant outside the main doors.

Sandburg Residence Hall: Street parking (along Maryland Ave., metered before the circle drive and 1-Hour free just past Sandburg garage drive) or metered public parking on the upper-level of garage only. Meet your Outreach Assistant in the main lobby beside the seating area next to the garage elevator.

Note: There is no free parking in campus garages or lots. Parking is enforced at all times 24 hours/7 days a week. There is no grace period before parking has been paid for or after the paid time has expired.

Please note that unfortunately not all tour spaces within our communities are accessible by an individual who uses a wheelchair. If you have questions regarding accessible tour options, please email us at uhmktg@uwm.edu.
Arrival Time
Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before your University Housing tour to limit the amount of time inside our communities.
Number of Guests
As a guest to our community for the sole purpose of a Housing-related tour, our tour sizes are capped at a total of 20 people. We are asking that each student only bring up to 2 guests for the tour. If you’d like to request an additional guest on the day of the event, email uhmktg@uwm.edu and we will let you know if space is available. If you bring additional guests with you for the tour and our maximum is exceeded, we unfortunately will not be able to accommodate the additional guests and they will be asked to wait outside for the duration of the tour.
Individual Meetings
If you would like to speak individually with a University Housing staff member or have additional housing questions after leaving campus, please email university-housing@uwm.edu.
Our public restrooms will be available for use. We strongly encourage abiding by public health guidelines, including washing your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, or using hand sanitizer when hand washing is unavailable.