Residency Requirement

The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee requires all first-time freshmen to live in University Housing residence halls, where availability allows.

The specific policy states:

“Those freshman who are not veterans, married or living with parents or guardian shall be required to live in a University operated Residence Hall when such accommodations are available*.”

Ample research across the United States over the last 30 years has provided compelling evidence that students who live in university-provided housing perform better academically, and enjoy a higher degree of satisfaction with their college experience, than students who live off-campus or commute.

The UWM policy is consistent with the policy of the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents Policy #24-2.

Specifically, the UWM residency policy applies to students who are first-time freshmen AND are 20 years of age or younger as of September 1 at the beginning of the academic year in question.

The following students are eligible to request an exemption from the residency requirement: those living with parents or guardians, those who are 21 years of age or older (as of 9/1), veterans, students who are married or who have an affidavit of domestic partnership, or those student who are themselves parents.

Access Exemption Request Forms at

In addition students with extreme financial or personal hardships may also request an exemption from the residency requirement.

Students and families are encouraged to read the Frequently Asked Questions for more information related to the residency policy. In addition, you may contact the University Housing Office at (414) 229-4065 or