Security & Guest Policy

The University Housing Security staffs are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and can be found at each building’s Service Desk, either in-person, or by calling the duty phone (should security not be present at Kenilworth and RiverView).

In order to facilitate a safe, comfortable environment conductive to academics and personal growth, University Housing provides the following services to help residents and their guests stay secure:

  • GuestPass system
  • Security Monitors
  • Locks and deadbolts on room and suite doors.

In addition, University Housing highly encourages residents to program the campus emergency number (414-229-9911) into their cell phones* for fast response in case of an emergency. Regular 911 calls will still go through; however, they are first routed through the Milwaukee City emergency system before being forwarded to the University Police, which affects response time.

*Residents using a cell phone as a primary phone are expected to submit their phone number to the UWM Campus Directory which can be done online using PAWS.

Security Monitors

Security Monitors are located in the lobbies of Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth, RiverView, and Sandburg. Residents are required to carry their UWM ID with them at all times in order to gain access into the residence halls. Kenilworth does not require a swipe of the ID to enter the building, though residents may be asked to show their IDs. RiverView will swipe IDs when security is available at the Service Desk. When security is not at the Service Desk, students may proceed to their rooms without swiping-in.

The doors to Kenilworth and RiverView are locked 24 hours a day. Residents of Kenilworth will be designated a key fob to open the door, while RiverView residents may use their student ID. Guests in Kenilworth and RiverView can be buzzed in by Security staff to meet their host in the lobby. Guests must register with University Housing, follow the guest policies (on page 47 of the Resident Handbook) and be escorted by their hosts at all times.

Keys & Key-Ins

From the time a resident picks up a room key until it is returned, the resident is responsible for the room and its contents, as well as any contract charges. The room key must be kept in the resident’s possession during the contract period and may not be loaned to anyone for any reason. Keys may not be altered or duplicated.

If a resident is locked out, they may call the Service Desk of their building to be let into their room. If the key has been lost, the lock will be changed and the lock-change cost billed to the resident’s University Housing Account. Multiple key-ins can result in administrative fees being applied to the resident’s PAWS Account. Please see the University Housing Resident Handbook for more information.

You will not be charged for your first and second key-ins. Any key in following your second will be charged to your University Housing Account, as indicated below:

  • 1st-2nd Key-Ins: Free
  • 3rd-5th Key-Ins: $25 each
  • 6th Key-In: $25 + $75 lock-change fee + a meeting with professional staff

All room and suite doors are equipped with deadbolts. University Housing recommends that all doors be locked at all times to ensure the security of your belonging.