Living Learning Communities

There are multiple Living Learning Communities at each UWM residence hall. Each LLC’s students live in the same area (floor/wing), and usually take a class together, making it easier to meet classmates, form study groups, and get involved in leadership opportunities. Students in LLCs report making friends faster, have higher GPAs, and graduate at a better rate, than students who do not live in LLCs. And, best of all, there is no additional cost to be a part of a Living Learning Community!

LLC topics vary from year to year. For the most recent set of offerings, check out the “Community Choices” section, below.

As a member of a Living Learning Community at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, you get to be part of a “community within a community” by living in the residence halls among students with similar interests.

Why Join a Living Learning Community


The first meal in the cafeteria. The first class session. The first paper due. The first final exam. They can all present challenges for individual students. Yet, they are a very common experience for most UWM students. Participating in an LLC connects you with others students going through the same things at the same times. In addition to the camaraderie of being in a community with shared interests, you will enjoy the benefit of special events and activities throughout the year that are designed to help you adjust to college, while encouraging the development of friendships with other residents who have similar interests and ambitions.

Experienced Students

Each LLC has a specially selected and trained staff that work with its residents. This staff includes: the Residence Life Coordinator (a full-time employee of University Housing who is responsible for the students in their specific building), Faculty members, a Resident Assistant, and/or a Student Success Center Mentor.

Selecting An LLC

Selecting An LLC

There are limited spaces in each Living Learning Community, so it is important to submit your Housing Contract by the May 1 Priority Deadline. This ensures you are in the first housing assignment lottery. You then have until May 31 to finalize your LLC selection. If your contract is submitted post-May 1 and you are eligible for the LLC you selected, that assignment will receive priority if LLC space permits. As a friendly reminder, your deposit must be paid in full in order to receive your assignment.  

How to Select an LLC:

  • Look at the LLC website to see which LLC interests you.
    • You are not required to live in an LLC, but it is strongly encouraged if you have one that interests you! 
  • Make sure the major you have selected at UWM is eligible for the LLC. Many of our LLCs are restricted to specific majors, and we often cannot make exceptions.  
  • On your Housing contract, there is a drop-down menu for LLC Preference. Anytime before July 1, you can select and update the drop-down menu to reflect which LLC you are interested in. 
  • University Housing & LLC staff will look at your LLC preference and major, and will email you to confirm if you are eligible for the community or not.  
    • If you ARE eligible for the LLC, you will go into the priority May 1 applicant pool and as long as space allows, be put into the LLC. Unfortunately, some years we are not able to accommodate all LLC applicants.  
    • If you are NOT eligible for the LLC, we will work with you to find another LLC or involvement opportunity to get you connected to other students in University Housing! 

Roommates in LLCs 

  • We know that living in an LLC makes a big academic and social difference to the student experience. Because of this, LLCs are ranked as the top preference on your Housing Application. 
  • If you have someone you want to live with already, both of you will need to be eligible AND select the same LLC to live together within the LLC. If you and your roommate both do not meet eligibility requirements or select the LLC, you will be split up in our assignment process. If you are trying to find a roommate ahead of time, consider posting on the “Class Of” Facebook page and specifically mentioning you are looking for a roommate also interested in your specific LLC. 
  • If you don’t have someone you want to live with already, that is totally ok! The majority of students come to college and have random roommates. One perk of an LLC is that if you get a random roommate, you know that they at least have similar interests or majors, which makes living together a smoother transition and less scary. The vast majority of random roommate pairings work out really well (and if they don’t, we have staff to support you through a mediation or room change).
Community Choices

Community Choices

You may view a community profile page and contact information for its coordinators by clicking on the community name below or from the menu on the right.

Cambridge Commons

Sandburg Hall – East Tower (for Returners Only)

Sandburg Hall – North Tower

Sandburg Hall – South Tower

Sandburg Hall – West Tower


Questions? Or, wanting to ADD, SWAP, or DROP an LLC once contract preferences are locked? Please contact