Engineering House for CEAS Majors

Located in Sandburg Hall


You must be admitted to the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences to participate in Engineering House.

Engineering House for CEAS Majors is For You If …

  • You’re majoring in Engineering and Computer Science.
  • You would like competing with others while designing, building, and programming a robot that mimics the natural movements of an animal.
  • You will enjoy working as part of a team to create a short video program about robotics, engineering, and computing in a pro-level lab.
  • You are interested in visiting local industry leaders and having the opportunity to learn more about companies, what they do, and how they make their products.


To build a community of engineering and computer science students for friendship, support, and engagement in inspiring activities that bring students’ ideas and interests ALIVE.

Required Courses

Fall Semester: Ind Engr 111 or Mech Engr 110 or Comp Sci 201 or Elec Engr 101

In Their Own Words


Ross Goessl, 2nd Year Mentor:
“My favorite events in the LLC are The Engineering Olympics. Simple yet thought provoking design build challenges really bring out the best in everyone. I love seeing all the innovative designs and the excitement on everyone’s faces when it comes time to testing. Not only is it a nice break from school, laughs are plentiful and we always have a fun time.”


Sharon Kaempfer
(414) 229-4118

Steven Anderson