Local 2 Global

The Local 2 Global LLC Is for You If…

  • You have a general interest in international issues.global1
  • You are interested in a major or minor in Global or International Studies.
  • You want to add an international perspective to any other major – from Global Health to International Media.
  • You want to gain tools and networks that will take your skills and knowledge from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • You enjoy cultural events, film screenings and celebrating international holidays.
  • You’re eager to make intercultural connections.
  • You want to learn about working (as an intern or professional) or studying abroad.
  • You want to be part of discussions about global issues.
  • You want to attend talks given experts on global issues when they speak on campus.
  • You are ready to live in a multicultural environment with U.S. and international students.
  • You want to learn how to prepare foods from around the world.



To engage students from a variety of academic interests in hands-on learning inside and outside of the classroom that builds multicultural and intercultural community connections and understanding, promotes international and cross-cultural exchange, and develops leadership skills through student collaboration, shared courses, and shared cultural experiences.

Required Courses

Global 101 Intro to Global Studies 1: People and Politics (3 credits)

International Studies 260: Introduction to International Careers (3 credits)


LLCs may be housed in a different University Housing Facility from year to year. Find out where this LLC is currently located, or will be located during the upcoming Academic Year, by visiting the Living Learning Communities page and clicking on the Community Choices section.

In Their Own Words

Elizabeth Ann Chizek, LLC Student:global2
“This LLC is such a great way to meet new people and learn about different cultures! It is so much fun!”

Caitlin Schwerdtfeger, LLC Student:
“I like being able to do activities with my LLC and having the opportunity to talk with students in Japan.”

Aims McGuinness, LLC Instructor
“Students in this course learn about the world through Milwaukee, and about Milwaukee through the world. In the process, we end up learning more–not just about our city and planet, but also about ourselves.”


Christine Wolf
Assistant Director – Global Studies and International Studies