Lofts & Beds


If residents wish to loft their bed, they must rent a loft from University Housing; homemade or purchased third-party lofts are not permitted in any University Housing Facilities. (Kenilworth residents are not eligible for lofting.) The cost for a loft rental is $150/year ($75 for Spring/Semester II-only).

The deadline to reserve a loft will be August 1 (Fall/Semester I entry)/January 1 (Spring/Semester II entry). Lofts requested by this date will be delivered to residents’ rooms by the official start of Fall or Spring Move-In. If interested in renting a loft, please request one via your Housing Portal.

The Resident Assistant staff will come through in September/February and do an audit of all lofts set up in each room to ensure the safety rail is present and provide a report to the Housing Office to appropriately bill for the loft rental.

Lofts are easy to assemble – you can access our PDF set-up guide or watch the loft assembly video at

Loft Payments

Residents are not required to pay for the loft at the time of sign-up. Loft charges will be posted to your PAWS account beginning in September/February.

Loft Cancellation Deadline

Loft cancellations will be accepted via MyHousing through 11:59 pm, August 1 (Fall/Semester I entry)/January 1 (Spring/Semester II entry). If residents cancel their loft after it has been delivered, they must keep their delivered loft in their assigned room. Staff will pick up canceled lofts by early September/February. Loft cancellations submitted on or after August 1 (Fall/Semester I entry)/January 1 (Spring/Semester II entry), must be submitted by work order to for cancellation or removal. The cost for a loft rental is $150/year, $75 for one semester.


All Residence Hall beds have extra-long twin mattresses. XL twin sheet sets are available in most discount and department stores during the summer months. For more information related to room dimensions, click here. Standard beds can be raised, lofted, or bunked.

Bed Dimensions

All Kenilworth Square Apartment beds have full-size mattresses and cannot be raised or lofted.



Please note: Residents are not allowed to bring their own mattress to any University Housing facility. All University Housing furniture, including mattresses, must remain in the room/suite/apartment at all times.