Parking is available for residents (and other members of the community, where space permits) in heated garages in Cambridge Commons, Kenilworth Square Apartments, and RiverView Residence Hall (vertical clearance in each is 10ft). Sandburg Garage is also available as an option for residents. If you will be a University Housing Resident, you cannot request a permit until your room assignment has been made.

Space is EXTREMELY LIMITED in our residential garages. Additional long-term parking is available on main campus. If not needing a vehicle on a regular basis, South Campus residents can take University Housing-provided shuttle service from their location to main campus for vehicle use.

Overflow Parking When dictated by demand, Residence Hall students may be granted parking permits to Kenilworth Square Apartments on a temporary basis (until vacancies arise). If so, the regular residence hall rates, charges, and processes apply.

Motorcycle Parking Motorcycle permits are available at all University Housing Facility garages and are prorated by month.

Permits are valid for one vehicle and one space only. All permits can be purchased through UWM Transportation Services.

Questions about parking in University Housing? Email