Transfer Community

Located in Sandburg Hall and RiverView Residence Hall


There is no course associated with this community. While not technically an LLC, it functions like an LLC, with a dedicated RA and professional staff member to plan events tailored to the community.

Great Choice for You If…

  • You are an incoming transfer student to UWM from another four-year or two-year institution (regardless of whether you lived in university housing at that institution).
  • You are interested in connecting with other students who are making the transition to UWM.
  • You are ready for events and atmosphere designed for students who are new to UWM, but not to college.


To create a community where new transfer students to UWM can share their experiences, network with other students in similar situations, and connect with UWM and the surrounding community.

Picture yourself …

  • Meeting other new transfer students from other schools, states and countries.
  • Connecting with academic resources and programs to help you ignite your UWM career.
  • Enjoying a more mature living environment.

Required Courses

None. There is no shared academic component to this community.

In Their Words

Devin Van Dyke, LLC Student:
“I have a blast here, I enjoy being around my suite-mates, it’s sweet!”

Jayson Connor, LLC Student:
“It’s fun living here because I get to meet new people, especially other transfer students like myself, as well as international students.”


Kay Eilers
(414) 229-7194