Transfer Community


This community is open to all transfer students. No specific major or course is associated with living in this community.

The Transfer Community is for You If…

  • You are an incoming transfer student to UWM from another four-year or two-year institution (regardless of whether you lived in university housing at that institution).
  • You are interested in connecting with other students who are making the transition to UWM.
  • You are ready for events and atmosphere designed for students who are new to UWM, but not to college.
  • You’re excited to meet other new transfer students from other schools, states and countries.
  • You want to connect with academic resources and programs to help you ignite your UWM career.
  • You would enjoy a more mature living environment.


To create a community where new transfer students to UWM can share their experiences, network with other students in similar situations, and connect with UWM and the surrounding community.

Required Courses

None. There is no shared academic component to this community.


LLCs may be housed in a different University Housing Facility from year to year. Find out where this LLC is currently located, or will be located during the upcoming Academic Year, by visiting the Living Learning Communities page and clicking on the Community Choices section.

In Their Words

Devin Van Dyke, LLC Student:
“I have a blast here, I enjoy being around my suite-mates, it’s sweet!”

Jayson Connor, LLC Student:
“It’s fun living here because I get to meet new people, especially other transfer students like myself, as well as international students.”


Kate Negri
Master’s Admission and Retention Coordinator