Art & Design


Participation limited to first-year students admitted to Art & Design program, or those pursuing a BFA, BA, or BFA with Art Education.

The Art & Design LLC is For You If …Art & Design Activity

  • You’ve declared a major in Art & Design, Art Education, or Inter-Arts (with an Art & Design focus)
  • You couldn’t wait to get in the art room in high school
  • You want to develop a tight network of friends and professional contacts
  • You want to immerse yourself in the art community of Milwaukee
  • You have interest in any of the following: painting, drawing, digital design, video, printmaking, sculpture, ceramics.
  • You enjoy visiting museums and galleries in Milwaukee and Chicago, including some private gallery tours.
  • You would like to collaborate with other artists on a community art project.
  • You would like the opportunity to share your work in special exhibitions.


Members will experience a sense of community through unique projects, activities, and exhibitions. Students work together with community members and local organizations to explore art and creativity in Milwaukee neighborhoods and beyond. Art and Design LLC students complete required courses while developing a tight network of friends and professional contacts.


LLCs may be housed in a different University Housing Facility from year to year. Find out where this LLC is currently located, or will be located during the upcoming Academic Year, by visiting the Living Learning Communities page and clicking on the Community Choices section.

In Their Own Words

Wyatt Tinder, LLC Student
“I feel like being in the Art and Design LLC helped me stand out as a student. I received the Frederick R. Layton-Outstanding First Year Student Scholarship after my first year and the Foundations Show. I was able to work at various SGC International Print Milwaukee events and make valuable networking connections with UWM Faculty and internationally-known artists.”

Claire Strominger, LLC Mentor
“Being thrown into the mix of the Art and Design LLC was the best thing that happened to me my second semester at UWM. Having the connection to my professor and the encouragement from fellow students really helped me in my art journey. I loved exploring the art world or Milwaukee, and discovering all of the many opportunities that came with being an artist. I decided I wanted to come back and be part of the Art and Design LLC Team to become part of this great program that helped me grow as an artist and person, in hopes that I could help be a positive piece in someone else’s experience.”

Mari Marks and Chris Badertscher, LLC Resident Assistants
“When you’re not in the LLC, you want to be, and when you are, it’s amazing. Being cartLLC2ompletely immersed in art (living with art students, taking art classes, exploring the Milwaukee art culture) inspires determination to become a good student and a great artist. Being on the LLC team is great because you get the opportunity to be a positive part of someone else’s first year experience.”

Caroline Walser, LLC Student
“The best part of being in the LLC was definitely living with the same students in my class. Since we all lived next door to one another, we could easily all work on our projects together and help each other think of ideas or how to improve our work. Additionally, I met my closest friends in the LLC, so that’s a plus. Also by being in the LLC, I was surrounded by other students who were dedicated to studying art and worked hard in all they did, and I think that being around people with that ‘go for it all and I want the best’ mentality really helped me to become more serious and determined to grow myself as an artist, as well. I guess that determination is how I successfully was awarded the Laurence Rathsack scholarship last spring.”

Melissa Wagner-Lawler, LLC Instructor
“Students enrolled in the LLC program will be a part of a unique and rewarding learning experience. Utilizing campus events, community-based projects, and gallery and studio visits, the LLC students immediately enter an immersive studio art experience. Through these rigorous courses, students gain valuable experience to help them thrive as practicing visual artists and designers.”


Katie Martin-Meurer
Teaching Faculty – Sculpture and First Year Program Peck School of Arts