Outdoor Recreation

University Housing is excited to announce the debut of the Outdoor Recreation LLC – to launch in Fall of 2018 in Cambridge Commons!


Outdoor Recreation is open to students of all majors and academic classes.

Great Choice For You If …

Outdoor Recreation Climbing Wall Photo

You love outdoor activities: hiking, biking, camping, boating.

Students will connect with currently planned trips, clinics and activities in University Recreation’s Outdoor Pursuits Office. Students will get discounts and rental credits to let them participate in more activities.


This community exists to help students build connections with nature, themselves, and others by using outdoor activities to ignite personal growth through adventure, reflection, and relationships.

Picture Yourself

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  • Kayaking, rock climbing, backpacking, surfing, hiking, whitewater rafting, ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing, scuba diving, horseback riding, paddleboarding, camping, and much more.
  • Exploring Milwaukee’s rivers, parks, lakefront, and bike trails with your community.
  • Connecting to the natural world through optional classes, clinics, and learning opportunities.
  • Planning outings and adventures with friends that you live with.
  • Reflecting on your experiences and making connections to what you are learning in the classroom and through life.

In Their Words

Gabrielle, UWM Student: “Through outdoor recreation I have found new strengths I never thought I would be capable of. Not just physical strength, but a mental motivation. With perseverance you can achieve anything and it is a phenomenal feeling. Applying this to college and school work has exponentially changed my enthusiasm to learn and my grade performance, for the better. That’s crazy, right? It is rather remarkable because school and outdoor recreation are two things that, on the surface level, don’t seem to have any congruency – but really, they are quite similar.”

Mariah, UWM Student: “Outdoor recreation, specifically through UWM Outdoor Pursuits, has helped me branch out socially. I have met many awesome individuals through the trips I’ve been on. Additionally, outdoor recreation has provided me with the opportunity to try new things (ex. surfing, backpacking). Because of the educational nature of the trips, I feel confident to try these activities again on my own. Running for recreation has given me an outlet for stress and has helped me appreciate the value of committing myself to a goal.”

Shelby, UWM Student: “Outdoor trips allowed me to try something new and meet new people. The groups are small, so it wasn’t difficult to make new friends. All outdoor activities help me relax during the school year. They are fun ways to take your mind off the stressful college life. Furthermore, outdoor activities are a fun way to hangout with friends and get exercise, which definitely makes me feel healthier.”




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