Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres

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The Film, Video, Animation, and New Genres LLC is for You If… film1-2

  • You’re considering a major in Film to pursue a BFA in Film or a BA in Animation.  
  • You enjoy making short movies or animations on your own or with friends. 
  • You’re interested in filmmaking. 
  • You love to watch movies. 
  • You would like to plan, shoot, and edit a digital film. 
  • You want to take field trips to local film festivals, events, productions studios, and screenings. 
  • You’re ready to learn the magic of film production and theory through discussion of the creative process with visiting filmmakers and directors. 
  • You’re interested in competing in a 24-hour film contest with other Film LLC members. 


  • To form a community of students who want to live, learn and discover the process of filmmaking together. 
  • To provide a thorough introduction to motion picture image-making and editing principles in a collaborative environment. 
  • To engage with the work of a variety of filmmakers and videographers through screenings, group discussions, and group projects, in order to build a link between critique and creative practice. 

LLC Courses

Film 180 – Foundation Production: Fiction (6 credits) 

Film 181 – Foundation Production: Nonfiction (6 credits) 

In Their Own Wordsfilm2-2

Alexandra Torinus, LLC Instructor:
“I’m always amazed when my students turn on a projector for the first time. Their investigation of the world is suddenly lit up on the screen, and they are seeing the smallest thing, a pinecone, a wave, or a spoon becoming magnificent as they realize the power of what they have seen with their own eyes. These are the moments that thrill me.”

Thomas Hays, LLC Student:
“It was fun to finally be in a space where I could work with other creative people who brought their own vision, talent, and ideas to the table.”


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