Performing Arts LLC


The Performing Arts LLC is open to Peck School of the Arts students who are pursuing a major or minor in Dance, Music, and/or Theatre.

The Performing Arts LLC is For You If …

  • You want to attend dance performances and other artistic events on campus and off, including behind-the-scenes activities such as choreographer and artist talkbacks and dress rehearsals.
  • You’re excited to go to various concerts including the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Music Milwaukee, Present Music, Unruly Music, and the Florentine Opera.
  • You would like to visit theaters and galleries from UWM’s Inova to neighborhood and downtown venues.
  • You’re ready to create friendships that support developing artists like yourself.



To give students the opportunity to explore the dance, music, and theatre culture of Milwaukee while connecting with fellow students and supplementing classroom information.

Required Courses (minimum one course out of the four listed)

  • Dance – Dance 113: Modern Dance Technique (3 credits)
  • Music – MUSIC 106: Foundations in Music (1 or 0 credits)
  • Theatre – THEATRE 305: The Theatre Experience (3 credits)
  • Musical Theatre – MUSIC 142: Class Voice for Musical Theatre (2 credits)


LLCs may be housed in a different University Housing Facility from year to year. Find out where this LLC is currently located, or will be located during the upcoming Academic Year, by visiting the Living Learning Communities page and clicking on the Community Choices section.

In Their Own Words

Dani Kuepper, LLC Instructor (Dance):
“I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to get to know the Dance Foundations LLC students outside of the classroom walls. I’m happy to help them get acclimated to a new environment and assist them in navigating around the city to different art venues. But I also have the opportunity to become a better teacher as a result. I firmly believe that the better you understand and relate to your students – the bigger impact you may have on them.”

Eli King, LLC RA 2015-16 (Music):
“The most difficult part of studying music professionally is adjusting to the culture. And that can’t be taught in a classroom–it has to be lived. The Community provides a context in which students can define, develop, and discover what it means, and what it takes, to be a successful musician.”

Tyler Danhaus, Theatre Alumnus:
“Being a part of an LLC allowed me to meet people and do things that I otherwise would not have had the opportunity to do. My LLC experience allowed me to create friendships that have lasted throughout my college career and will definitely continue after I graduate.”


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