Kenilworth Square Apartments Move out

Building Closing

Failure to do any of the following may result in an improper checkout charge of $75.00:

  • Sign up for a checkout appointment
  • Show up on-time for checkout appointment
  • Checkout with a University Housing Staff Member

Checkout Steps

Follow these four steps to have a “proper” check-out:

  1. Sign up for a check out time with your University Housing Staff Member (RA or Service Desk).
  2. Clean your room and suite/apartment (follow the checklist below).
  3. Complete your forwarding address information on myHousing, empty your mailbox and pick up your packages.
  4. Show up on time for your check-out appointment with your RA.

Cleaning Checklist

Your room must be in the condition it was in when you checked in. To avoid possible damage or cleaning charges, make sure the following are taken care of:

  • All of your belongings are out of the room (double check dressers, desk, closet, drawers, bathroom, and behind and under furniture).
  • Desks, dressers and shelves are dusted and disinfected.
  • Room and apartment common areas have been vacuumed and/or swept.
  • Everything has been removed from the walls, doors, and windows, and sticker residue has been removed.
  • All lofts are taken down and loft pieces placed underneath the bed.
  • All trash cans in the suite and bedrooms have been emptied and washed out.
  • Shower and shower curtain have been scrubbed clean.
  • Bathroom sink and vanity have been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Bathroom floor has been swept and mopped.
  • Toilet has been cleaned and disinfected.
  • Refrigerators and freezers have been emptied and cleaned out.
  • Microwaves and microwave plates are clean (where present in suites).
  • Stove top in suite has been wiped clean (where present in suites – DO NOT USE SELF-CLEAN OPTION ON OVEN).


  • Overnight/Guest permits will not be sold during move-out days.
  • Designated “Loading Zones” will be marked at each building and will be available during move-out days. These spaces are for loading vehicles only.
  • Trailers of any kind are not allowed in any parking structure.


Donate any unwanted food/clothing/furniture to the donation bins located in each building. Donations benefit Goodwill.