Rates & Meal Plans

Rates are determined each spring for the following fall. Rates for the current year are available to help you estimate your housing and meal plan costs — see the menu on the right. Your specific cost will depend on your room assignment and meal plan choice.

First semester housing and meal plan charges are posted to your PAWS account in July. The charges are due late August. Please contact the Bursar’s Office with questions regarding payments.

Second semester housing charges are posted to your PAWS account in January.

Please see the menu below for specific rates, or download the rate sheet for the buildings you are interested in.

Residence Hall Rates (meal plan not included)
Listed below are the University Housing Room Rates for the Academic Year 2019-2020. Questions may be directed to the University Housing Office at (414) 229-4065 or university-housing@uwm.edu. All account transactions will be posted to your PAWS account.

Building Name

Room Type

Cost for 2020-21 Year

Cambridge Commons Double
Double SOLO
Double Upgrade
Double Upgrade SOLO
Purin Hall Single $7190
Double $5740
RiverView Residence Hall Double $5442
Double SOLO $6442
Sandburg (N/S/W) Single $6623
Double SOLO
Triple As Double
Sandburg (E) Single $8271
Double SOLO

Please see 2020-2021 Residence Halls Rates for full details, including important notes for residents.

Apartment Rates

Listed below are the University Housing Apartment Rates for the Academic Year 2020-2021. Questions may be directed to the University Housing Office at (414) 229-4065 or university-housing@uwm.edu. All account transactions will be posted to your PAWS account.

Rates Include: All utilities, high-speed internet, and standard cable. Apartments on floors 6 and 7 also include in-unit laundry. Residents are billed only for their portion of the apartment cost unless they have bought out the entire apartment.



Total Cost
Per Month
Cost Per Month
(2 occupants)
Cost Per Month
(3 occupants)
1 Bedroom $1093 $546.50 N/A
1 Bedroom Upgrade $1136 $568 N/A
2 Bedroom $1392 $696 N/A
2 Bedroom Upgrade $1458 $729 N/A
3 Bedroom $1818 $909 $606
3 Bedroom Upgrade $2019 $1009.50 $673
Parking Rates
Each building in University Housing has a parking garage and its own process for requesting a permit. You cannot request a permit until you receive your room assignment. Visit http://www.uwm.edu/parking for more information and to request a permit.

Meal Plan Rates & Details
Please note: Meal Plan Rates for the 2020-2021 Academic Year have not yet been determined. Please check back for most up-to-date information.

All University Housing residents that live in suites without kitchens are required to choose a meal plan.

The Rates below are effective for the 2019-2020 Academic Year.

Meal Plan Level

Semester Cost

Plan Breakdown

Premium Level 3 $2461 $1597 Plan Points + $864 Admin Fee
Standard Level 2 $2094 $1230 Plan Points + $864 Admin Fee
Value Level 1 $1728 $864 Plan Points + $864 Admin Fee
Admin Fee (No Plan – CC Upgrade/East) $864 $0 Plan Points + $864 Admin Fee

Cambridge Commons Upgrade/Sandburg East Admin Fee

Students with room assignments in 2019-2020 in a Cambridge Commons Upgrade, Purin Hall, RiverView, or Sandburg East are not required to purchase a full meal plan. Residents of Purin and RiverView may opt out of the entire meal plan, while residents of Cambridge Commons Upgrades and Sandburg East must pay the administrative fee, regardless of their meal plan selection.

In 2019-20, RiverView residents will be required to have a meal plan, as the RiverView Eatery will open operations in Fall 2019.

Meal Plan Structure

Each meal plan includes in administrative fee. This fee is collected to cover the fixed cost of dining facilities, such as equipment, maintenance, and labor. When students use their meal plan to purchase food in the cafeteria-style dining facilities (Cambridge Commons, RiverView and Sandburg Cafeterias and Sandburg Palm Gardens) they will be charged 50% of the cash price for each item. So, as students purchase food throughout the semester, they are essentially getting the administration fee back in the form of their discount.

Adding Money to Your Meal Plan

Money can be added to meal plans at any time. Additional deposits are dollar-for-dollar — the administration fee is charged only once per semester. Meal plan additions can be done at:

Meal Plan Refunds

If a positive balance remains on a student’s meal plan at the end of the academic year, it will be refunded as a credit to his/her PAWS account less a $10 administrative fee.