panthercardYour PantherCard is your key to all kinds of services and events at UW-Milwaukee.  It is your official university identification and as a student or employee you are required to carry it with you whenever you are on campus.  You will be asked to present your UWM PantherCard to use the library and other campus facilities, to obtain a UPASS, ride the shuttle service, or ride B.O.S.S.  If you do not have a PantherCard, please click here for more information.

As a UWM student, your PantherCard (Student ID) offers two debit service accounts: Gold and Resident Accounts.  You can use your PantherCard in place of cash at many locations across campus.  To activate either of these accounts, simply place money on them.  There are no service charges for either account, and because your purchases are tax-free your PantherCard may save you money!

Gold Account

  • Purchase merchandise and services at the UWM Panther Shop, all housing main desks, Restor, Union Theatre, Union Recreation Center, SARUP Lab, Studio Arts & Crafts Centre and the Union Station.
  • Purchase food (tax-free for students) at all Restaurant Operations locations.
  • Laundry services at Sandburg, Kenilworth Square, Riverview, Purin, and Cambridge Commons.

Resident Account

  • The Resident Account is for residents of Sandburg Hall, Cambridge Commons and Riverview, and used to purchase food on the Restaurant Operations meal plan. It can be used at all Restaurant Operations locations for tax free food.
  • For more information on the Resident Account, call UWM Restaurant Operations at (414) 229-4146 or Residence Life at (414) 229-4065


Activating your PantherCard Gold Account

To activate your Gold Account, complete the Gold Account Contract (download the PantherCard Gold Account Contract or pick one up in PantherCard Services at Union 143) and mail with a check to PantherCard Services. Your money will be processed and added to your Gold Account within three days of receipt.

Depositing to your PantherCard Account

To deposit money in your PantherCard account, you can do any of the following:

  • Visit our GetFunds site where you or your parents/friends can make deposits to your PantherCard Gold or Resident accounts.
  • Via cash value card (CVC) machines located around campus.
  • You can also add to your Gold Account at any time in person at PantherCard Services in Union 143.