Maja Gorsic

Maja Goršič

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate, College of Engineering & Applied Science

Dr. Goršič's research focuses on development and utilization of technologies that can assess or assist human movement. She developed an intention detection algorithm using wearable sensory system to control ankle prosthesis for above knee amputees, designed interpersonal virtual environments to promote exercise for arm rehabilitation after stroke, and worked with different trunk exoskeletons and exosuits for back support and pain management. She now works with Dr. Jacob Rammer to assess and develop technologies for support of wheelchair users.


  • PhD Electrical Engineering, University of Wyoming, 2019
  • MSc Kinesiology and Health, University of Wyoming, 2019
  • MSc Electrical Engineering, University of Ljubljana, 2012

Research Interests

  • Rehabilitation
  • Human movement
  • Biomechanics
  • Wearables
  • Exoskeletons

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Selected Publications

  • Goršič, M., Song, Y., Dai, B., & Novak, V. D. (2022). Short-term effects of the Auxivo LiftSuit during lifting and static leaning. Applied Ergonomics102, 103765.
  • Goršič, M., Song, Y., Dai, B., & Novak, D. (2021). Evaluation of the HeroWear Apex back-assist exosuit during multiple brief tasks. Journal of Biomechanics126, 110620.
  • Chatterjee, I., Goršič, M., Clapp, J. D., & Novak, D. (2021). Automatic estimation of interpersonal engagement during naturalistic conversation using dyadic physiological measurements. Frontiers in Neuroscience15, 757381.
  • Goršič, M., Rochelle, L. E., Layer, J. S., Smith, D. T., Novak, D., & Dai, B. (2020). Biomechanical comparisons of back and front squats with a straight bar and four squats with a transformer bar. Sports biomechanics, 1-16.
  • Goršič, M., Regmi, Y., Johnson, A. P., Dai, B., & Novak, D. (2019). A pilot study of varying thoracic and abdominal compression in a reconfigurable trunk exoskeleton during different activities. IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering67(6), 1585-1594.
  • Gorsic, M., Clapp, J. D., Darzi, A., & Novak, D. (2019). A brief measure of interpersonal interaction for 2-player serious games: questionnaire validation. JMIR Serious Games7(3), e12788.
  • Goršič, M., Cikajlo, I., Goljar, N., & Novak, D. (2018). A multisession evaluation of a collaborative virtual environment for arm rehabilitation. PRESENCE: Virtual and Augmented Reality27(3), 274-286.
  • Goršič, M., Cikajlo, I., Goljar, N., & Novak, D. (2017). A multisession evaluation of an adaptive competitive arm rehabilitation game. Journal of neuroengineering and rehabilitation14(1), 1-15.
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  • Goršič, M., Kamnik, R., Ambrožič, L., Vitiello, N., Lefeber, D., Pasquini, G., & Munih, M. (2014). Online phase detection using wearable sensors for walking with a robotic prosthesis. Sensors14(2), 2776-2794.