Nikolai Kouklin

Nikolai Kouklin

  • Professor, Electrical Engineering
  • Professor, Computer Science

On Sabbatical, Spring 2023 semester

If it’s longer than one-billionth of a meter, it won’t interest Dr. Nikolai Kouklin. He believes the nanometer is the scale at which future technologies are to operate. Nanotechnology has its primary goal of manipulating matter on atomic and molecular scales to enable novel nano-metric materials and interfaces for applications far beyond electronics. He has been working with the UWM Mechanical, Materials, and Physics departments to expand the horizons in the areas of nano-bio-technologies, bio-medical devices, and sensors.


  • PhD, Engineering (Electrical) University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2001
  • MS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1997
  • BS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1996

Research Interests

Improving the performance of nano-electronic materials and their based devices for sensing, communication and energy harvesting applications.


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