Nikolai Kouklin

Nikolai Kouklin

  • Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. N. Kouklin's research work spans various aspects of nanomaterials, nano-semiconductors, Dirac semimetals, 1D and 2D metal oxides, quantum dots, Carbon-based nanostructures and their applications in diverse fields such as optics, electronics, energy harvesting, infrared and visible-UV photosensors as well as materials science engineering. The research has been carried out in the collaboration with faculty from Worster Polytechnique Institute (US), Santa-Clara University (US), Marsel University (France) and La-Crosse University (US) in the nanotechnology research laboratory, located on the 7th floor of the EMS building, UWM. The support has been provided by NSF (ECCS, CHE, CBET, DMR), UWM (multiple grants), UW System, Jonson Controls, and Rockwell Automation.


  • PhD, Engineering (Electrical) University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2001
  • MS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1997
  • BS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1996

Research Interests

Improving the performance of nano-electronic materials and their based devices for sensing, communication and energy harvesting applications.

Selected Publications

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