Nikolai Kouklin

Nikolai Kouklin

  • Professor, Materials Science and Engineering

Prof. Kouklin currently oversees the Nanotechnology Research Laboratory that deals with nanofabrication, characterization and development of multifunctional electronic materials; the latter are routinely synthesized using self-assembly, CVD, and hydrothermal growth techniques.  Some of the laboratory focus also hones in on the intricate physics governing nano-electronic, photonic and photo-voltaic devices. Past endeavors have yielded many groundbreaking results, giving rise to innovative techniques and concepts in engineering nanodevices. Specifically, the work on semiconducting nanowires, quantum dots, 3D Dirac semimetals and carbon nanomaterials has paved the way for the exploration of novel physical mechanisms and device-related phenomena including thermo-electrical effects for ultra-wide broad IR sensors and energy conversion, materials for heat waste recovery, and carrier photomultiplications. The materials characterization involves use of HRSEM, EDX, XRD, Raman, FTIR, photoconduction spectroscopy, PL, PLE, T-dependent transport and HRTEM.

Our collaborator list includes faculty from Physics and Engineering departments at UWM, Worster Polytechnic Institute at Boston, University of Marsel, France, Arizona State University, La-Crosse University, and University of Santa-Clara, CA.

Former graduates were employed by Intel, Tesla, Meta, Texas Instruments and academic institutions in the US and abroad.

The work has been supported by NSF, JCI, UWM, and Rockwell Inc.


  • PhD, Engineering (Electrical) University of Nebraska-Lincoln 2001
  • MS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1997
  • BS, Applied Math and Physics Moscow Institute of Phys&Tech, 1996

Research Interests

Improving the performance of nano-electronic materials and their based devices for sensing, communication and energy harvesting applications.

Selected Publications

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