Al Ghorbanpoor

  • Professor Emerit, Civil and Environmental Engineering

Dr. Ghorbanpoor left his native Iran in the mid-70s and has been building bridges ever since – literally! He has published papers on bridge construction, material stress levels, road construction for bridge abutments, and measuring deterioration.  He has been at UWM since 1986 and has served as both Interim Dean of the college and Associate Dean for Research.

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  • PhD Civil Engineering, University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, 1985
  • MS Civil Engineering, Howard University, Washington, DC, 1979
  • BS Civil Engineering, Rezaieh College, Rezaieh, Iran, 1974

Research Focus

  • Fatigue and fracture mechanics.
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation.
  • Design of buildings and bridges.
  • Failure investigation.


  • Ghorbanpoor, A., "Fatigue Evaluation of Hybrid HPS for Bridges," Proceedings of the 2002 ASCE Structures Congress, April, 2002.
  • Sherman, D. R. and Ghorbanpoor, A., "Design of Extended Shear Tabs," Final Report, American Institute of Steel Construction, Chicago, March 2002.
  • Ghorbanpoor, A., "Evaluation Of P-T Tendons Based On Magnetic Flux Leakage And Impact-Echo Techniques," Proceedings of the US-Japan Bridge Workshop, Japan, November 2001.
  • Ghorbanpoor, A., Borchelt, R., Edwards, M. and Abdel Salam, E., "Magnetic-Based NDE of Prestressed and Post-Tensioned Concrete Members - The MFL System," Final Report No. FHWA-RD-00-026, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Department of Transportation, May 2000, 107 pages.