Pradeep Rohatgi

Pradeep Rohatgi

  • Distinguished Professor, Materials Science and Engineering Department
  • Distinguished Professor, Biomedical Engineering
  • Distinguished Professor, Mechanical Engineering
  • Director, Center for Advanced Manufacture of Materials

Dr. Pradeep Rohatgi serves as a UWM Distinguished Professor and Director of the UWM Center for Advanced Materials Manufacture at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He has co-authored twelve books, over 400 scientific papers and has 20 U.S. Patents to date. His initial research on Cast Metal Composites has been listed as a major landmark in the 11,000 year history of metal casting. He serves on committees of governments of United States and India in the areas of materials to promote collaboration.


  • ScD, Materials Science, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1964
  • MS, Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, 1963
  • BS, Metallurgical Engineering, Banaras University, 1961

Research Interests

  • Processing, manufacturing, and characterization of advanced materials
  • Self-healing, self-lubricating and self-cleaning materials research
  • Energy conservation and sustainability
  • Solidification Processing and Alloy Development
  • Materials Policy


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More than 190 published articles dating back to 1966. Recent:

  • Hasan, M. S., Kordijazi, A., Rohatgi, P. K., & Nosonovsky, M. (2021). Triboinformatics approach for friction and wear prediction of Al-Graphite composites using machine learning methods. Journal of Tribology144(1), 011701.
  • Rane, K., Beining, M., Behera, S., Kordijazi, A., Kumar, A., & Rohatgi, P. (2021). Sand casting of surface alloyed butterfly valve with improved hardness and corrosion resistance by incorporating metal powders in-mold coatings. International Journal of Metalcasting, 1-11.
  • Kordijazi, A., Behera, S., Patel, D., Rohatgi, P., & Nosonovsky, M. (2021). Predictive Analysis of Wettability of Al–Si Based Multiphase Alloys and Aluminum Matrix Composites by Machine Learning and Physical Modeling. Langmuir37(12), 3766-3777.
  • Kordijazi, A., Weiss, D., Das, S., Behera, S., Roshan, H. M., & Rohatgi, P. (2021). Effect of solidification time on microstructure, wettability, and corrosion properties of A205-T7 aluminum alloys. International Journal of Metalcasting15(1), 2-12.
  • Kumar, P. A., Rohatgi, P., & Weiss, D. (2020). 50 years of foundry-produced metal matrix composites and future opportunities. International Journal of Metalcasting14(2), 291-317.
  • Tabandeh-Khorshid, M., Kumar, A., Omrani, E., Kim, C., & Rohatgi, P. (2020). Synthesis, characterization, and properties of graphene reinforced metal-matrix nanocomposites. Composites Part B: Engineering183, 107664.
  • Kumar, P. A., Madhu, H. C., Pariyar, A., Perugu, C. S., Kailas, S. V., Garg, U., & Rohatgi, P. (2020). Friction stir processing of squeeze cast A356 with surface compacted graphene nanoplatelets (GNPs) for the synthesis of metal matrix composites. Materials Science and Engineering: A769, 138517.
  • Behera, S. K., Kumar P, A., Dogra, N., Nosonovsky, M., & Rohatgi, P. (2019). Effect of microstructure on contact angle and corrosion of ductile iron: Iron–graphite composite. Langmuir35(49), 16120-16129.
  • Etemadi, R., Wang, B., Pillai, K. M., Niroumand, B., Omrani, E., & Rohatgi, P. (2018). Pressure infiltration processes to synthesize metal matrix composites–A review of metal matrix composites, the technology and process simulation. Materials and Manufacturing Processes33(12), 1261-1290.
  • Rohatgi, P. K., Asthana, R., & Das, S. (1986). Solidification, structures, and properties of cast metal-ceramic particle composites. International metals reviews31(1), 115-139.
  • Moghadam, A. D., Omrani, E., Menezes, P. L., & Rohatgi, P. K. (2015). Mechanical and tribological properties of self-lubricating metal matrix nanocomposites reinforced by carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene–a review. Composites Part B: Engineering77, 402-420.
  • Rohatgi, P. (1991). Cast aluminum-matrix composites for automotive applications. Jom43(4), 10-15.


Rohatgi ranked among top scientists in world

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Rohatgi honored by International Association of Advanced Materials

Low-Cost Manufacture of Ultralight, Energy Absorbing, Self-Cleaning, Self-Healing and Self-Lubricating Materials for Industry

Research Labs

Awards, Honors and Societies

  • Listed in top 2% scientists and top 150 materials scientists Globally(Stanford)2021
  • Scientist Award from IAAM,Sweden( August 2020)
  • Albert Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award ( Feb 2020)
  • AFS Award of Scientific Merit, (April 2017)
  • Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors (2014)
  • Received the Engineers and Scientists of Milwaukee Engineer of the Year Award (2011)
  • Honorary Medal from Motor Transport Institute, Warsaw, Poland (2006)
  • Hall Heroult Scientific Merit Award by American Foundrymens Society (2000) / UWM Foundation Distinguished Service Award for Distinguished Public Service (1995)
  • Awarded the Ford/Briggs and Stratton Professorship (1991)
  • Award for best work in light metals from American Foundrymen's Society (1969)

Community Involvement

  • As the Foundry Education Foundation Key Professor at UWM, Dr. Rohatgi has helped train numerous undergraduate and graduate students in foundry engineering and helped promote the industry
  • Dr. Rohatgi’s lab has hosted multiple events to promote foundry engineering among high school students with many receiving research opportunities in the field.

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