Rohatgi honored by International Association of Advanced Materials

Pradeep Rohatgi, PhD- Materials Science and Engineering

Pradeep Rohatgi, Ph.D.

The Swedish-based International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM) awarded Pradeep Rohatgi, State of Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor, materials science & engineering, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering, with an IAAM Scientist Award for his contribution to advanced materials science. He was the only awardee recognized in the field of composite materials.

On July 15, Rohatgi presented his IAMM award lecture– “50 Years of Cast Metal Matrix Composites and Future Prospects,” based on his pioneering discovery of cast metal matrix composites in the 1960s –in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series 2020. The lecture will be published in the Video Proceeding of Advanced Materials, a peer-reviewed open access video journal of IAAM.

UWM is considered a world leader in cast metal matrix composites and has received funding for research in this area from organizations including the National Science Foundation, the Department of Energy, Office of Naval Research, the U.S. Army, Electric Power Research Institute and Fortune 500 companies including General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Oshkosh Corporation (formerly Oshkosh Truck), Sunstrand and A.O. Smith.

IAMM is a non-profit international scientific research organization active in the world of advanced materials.