Low-Cost Manufacture of Ultralight, Energy Absorbing, Self-Cleaning, Self-Healing and Self-Lubricating Materials for Industry

Pradeep Rohatgi, Ph.D., DSc., State of Wisconsin and UWM Distinguished Professor, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Director Centers for Composite Materials and Advanced Materials Manufacture

Thursday, May 5th
1:30 – 2:00 pm
Room 7220

Presentation Synopsis

Pradeep Rohatgi, PhD- Materials Science and Engineering

Recent work on lightweight particle reinforced metal-matrix micro- and nano-composites (MMNCs), Syntactic Foams, and Self-Healing Metals will be reviewed. Particle-based MMNCs have been synthesized by several modern processing tools based on either solid- or liquid-phase synthesis techniques and are claimed to exhibit very exciting mechanical properties including significant improvements of modulus, yield strength, and ultimate tensile strength. The talk will describe work at UWM along with a critical review of work done elsewhere to identify the challenges and future opportunities in this area, including work on composites containing graphene. Recent work will also be presented on synthesis and properties of energy-absorbing aluminum and magnesium-based syntactic foams with a comparison to other related materials reported in the literature. In addition, advances in self-healing metal matrix composites will be discussed. The potential of light-weight materials in transportation, automotive, and electronic packaging sectors to conserve energy and the environment will be presented along with opportunities to set up new industries will be discovered.

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