Waitlist and Overflow Information

Frequently Asked Questions

For students who live nearby and already may have alternative housing arrangements at home, we suggest you consider completing a Wait List request for a University Housing space. As vacancies become available, we will start offering contracts to students in the order they appear on the wait list (subject to gender restrictions). 

For most students who need housing finalized by the start of school, we suggest that you contact UWM’s Neighborhood Housing Office (web: uwm.edu/neighborhoodhousing; email: housing@uwm.edu; phone: 414229-6999). NHO maintains listings of available spaces for rent, conducts background checks on landlords, and guides students through the process of becoming tenants.  

Contract access is a difficult status to predict. As students cancel their contracts over the summer, we will give contract access to students on the Wait List to take their space. Because there are not many spaces left, contract access for those on the Wait List will typically come with a quick deadline to complete before we move on to the next person in the Wait List. This process is typically about seven days to complete, though the actual time available will be detailed in the email that you receive with contract access. 

UWM, like many universities across the nation, occasionally runs into a phenomenon of overbooking. This happens due to variables in the contract release and cancellation process. When we have too many students who sign contracts for not enough beds, we have a series of temporary solutions that are put in place. Most involve adding furniture and an extra person in some of our larger spaces. In order, we will add extra people to: Sandburg Triples (turning them into quads), Cambridge Doubles and Cambridge Upgrade Doubles (turning them into triples), assorted Sandburg Doubles (turning them into triples). While University Housing is currently preparing for an overflow situation in Fall, it is our hope that by starting the Wait List now, we will minimize the students impacted by overflow housing. 

As you may have heard, the assignment process occurs throughout the summer, as vacancies arise and contracts are submitted. We continue to suggest that you check your MyHousing account on a weekly basis to see if you’ve been assigned. (Friday are our suggested day of the week.) Any students who aren’t assigned will be assigned to an overflow/temporary space beginning August 5, 2019. 

No. There isn’t any manipulating that can be done. We will take students off the list in the order they complete their wait list request (subject to the gender restrictions of the spaces available). Multiple submissions will not help. 

Unfortunately, you cannot. Any spaces that develop at this point will go back into the regular assignment pool, which means that whoever is next up in the order yielded by the random lottery will be assigned to that space. If future room changes are desired, they will have to wait until after the Move-In Room Freeze is over (September 17). At that point, interested residents should talk to their Resident Assistants. 

Not necessarily. We continue to work with the UWM Accessibility Resource Center to address accommodation requests. Please remember that some requests may take up to 30 days to process, even after the file is completed. If an accommodation is deemed necessary, we will use developing vacancies and potential quick swaps to meet requested accommodations. Continue to check your MyHousing account as the summer concludes to stay up to date on your assignment. In addition, a decision letter or update will be sent to you via email. 

University Housing will be automatically granting exemptions to the UWM Residency Policy to students who have not previously completed a University Housing Contract, or who have not had their previously submitted exemption request granted. This process occurs on a daily basis 

The purpose of the UWM Residency Policy is to support the on-campus experience of our students. All students who completed the University Housing contract by the priority deadline of May 1, 2019, will have a place to live in University Housing. Since we are also stewards of the funds paid by our residents, our priority is to achieve full occupancy, as that will help us be the most efficient. May 1 has been the historical date to complete University Housing Contracts, and we continue to be able to honor requests in by that date.