How do I know if I have enough money to cover my costs?

This is confusing for many.  However, even before charges are posted, you have enough tools and numbers available to have a general answer to this question. You should add your housing and tuition charges (look up tuition charges on the Bursar website until the actual are reflected on your PAWS account). Then subtract the financial aid you have been awarded for the semester; make sure you are only subtracting one semesters worth of aid. If the result is a positive number, you will need additional funds to pay your bill in full. Keep in mind this does not take into consideration books or other indirect costs you may incur. For assistance with this issue (budgeting), please visit the link on the Financial Aid Department website titled Estimated Cost of Attendance in the Financial Aid Basics section ( If you determine you need additional financial assistance, you are encouraged to consider a PLUS Loan or a Private Alternative Educational Loan (please apply for the amount needed for the entire year). Details on these programs are found at The annual Financial Aid Handbook is required reading for all financial aid recipients and includes additional guidance.