• Visit our COVID-19 website for information about UWM’s response to the pandemic.

Help Keep Our Community Safe

Many of us chose UWM because we are a community that cares for each other. Working together, we can slow the spread of COVID-19. Show your Panther pride by doing your part.

Going Out Tonight?

UWM has limited large events on campus because of the risk of spreading the coronavirus. But what you do off campus is just as important as what you do on campus. Masks are required in Milwaukee, and you should maintain social distance as well. If you’re going to get together with friends, it’s safer to do it outside. Remember, what you do affects not just your health, but your roommates, classmates and instructors.

Student Association President Emma Mae Weber has a few tips on what to think about before an evening out.

What If I Get COVID-19?

What If I Get COVID-19?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. Use the self-reporting form to let the Dean of Students Office know you’ve tested positive or been diagnosed with COVID-19 by a doctor. The office can connect you with resources and answer any questions you have about what to do next. If you live on campus, there’s space available for isolation and quarantine, and meals can be delivered to you. If you need accommodations with your coursework, the Dean of Students Office can help arrange that too.