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Nonprofit Education

Nonprofit training at UWM addresses the support and growth needed for nonprofit organizations to be successful—and the workers and volunteers that keep them up and running. We provide a broad-based curriculum that we are constantly adjusting to meet the changing demands of the nonprofit sector. Our goal is to give you the skills that help you improve policies, services and operations.

We offer an online Introductory Nonprofit Certificate and a face-to-face Professional Certificate in Nonprofit Management to meet the growing needs of your organization. These certificates are for those who seek training other than a master’s degree program or a credit-based graduate certificate.

Each class is designed for professionals who are already working in the nonprofit sector or those who are aspiring to, such as program administrators, directors, board members, volunteers, staff or philanthropists.

Our course library contains a variety of nonprofit classes tailored to subjects that will lead you on a path to success, including creative nonprofit leadership, financial management within the nonprofit sector, fundraising and revenue development, volunteer management tools, legal concepts and much more. Each is taught by instructors who are experts in their field and whose passion motivates their students.