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Labor Relations

Labor relations is an integral human resources and business function for all organizations and industries that work with labor unions. Effectively managing the labor relations function takes a clear understanding of labor laws and practices. Gain the skills and insights needed to successfully navigate within this critical environment.

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Kim Sherrod – Labor Relations Participant | UWM School of Continuing Education

Conducting Efficient and Effective HR Investigations

Dec 15, 2023 Live Online

May 17, 2024 Live Online

Labor Relations Training for Managers and Supervisors in a Unionized Setting

Oct 16-19, 2023 Live Online

Mar 11-14, 2024 Live Online

Mastering the Collective Bargaining Process

Nov 7-9, 2023 Live Online

Apr 16-18, 2024 Live Online

Practical HR: How to Navigate Employment Law Myths and Landmines

Oct 6, 2023 Live Online

Apr 12, 2024 Live Online

Tailored Strategies to Achieve Your Goals in Bargaining

Oct 3-5, 2023 Live Online

May 8-9, 2024 Live Online


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