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Business Analyst Programs at UWM SCE

Business Analysis

Business analysis is about building great products, technology, processes and systems that delight customers and stakeholders.

Depending on the organization, business analysts may be responsible for discovering what the user truly wants, designing a solution vision, breaking product development into achievable steps, determining what success looks like and driving iterative evaluation and revision.

Common titles for people doing this work include business analyst, product owner, solution architect, systems analyst, process manager, business consultant, product manager or project manager.

Flexible Business Analysis Certificate

You can take any of the courses below to increase your business analysis skills or combine them to earn the Flexible Business Analysis Certificate.

The certificate requires completion of the Business Analysis Boot Camp and Modeling, Analyzing and Redesigning Business Processes plus a minimum of an additional 5.6 CEUs chosen from the list below.

Standard track options include traditional business analysis, data-focused business analysis, and process analysis and design. Or, create a unique combination of courses to support your business analysis role and career goals.

Contact Christine Sigrist at to create a program plan that is right for you.

Agile Project Management

Mar 8-16, 2022 Live Online

June 6-14, 2022 Live Online

Business Analysis Boot Camp

3 Thu & Fri, Feb 10-25, 2022 Live Online

Critical Thinking: Business Analysis and Decision-Making Strategies

Nov 11-19 Live Online

May 17-19, 2022 Live Online

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

Wed & Fri, Dec 1-3 Live Online

Wed & Fri, June 15-17, 2022 Live Online

From Technical Expert to Strategic Leader

2 Thu & Fri, May 5-13, 2022 Live Online

Influence Without Authority: Manage People and Projects Up, Down and Virtually

Tue & Thu, Nov 2-4 Live Online

Tue & Thu, Apr 26-28, 2022 Live Online

Lean Process Improvement Module I

2 Tue & Wed, Oct 26-Nov 10 Live Online

May 10-11, 2022 In-person

Lean Process Improvement Module II

2 Tue & Wed, Dec 7, 2021-Jan 12, 2022 Live Online

June 7-8, 2022 In-person

Microsoft Excel Level I

Nov 12 In-person

Feb 1-2, 2022 Live Online

May 3, 2022 In-person

Microsoft Excel Level II

Nov 16-17 Live Online

Feb 22-23, 2022 Live Online

May 24, 2022 In-person

Microsoft Excel Level III

Mar 15-16, 2022 Live Online

Modeling, Analyzing and Redesigning Business Processes

Dec 7-9 Live Online

Mar 8-10, 2022 Live Online

Project Management Foundations

Nov 30-Dec 1 In-person

Feb 7-15, 2022 Live Online

Feb 14-Mar 19, 2022 Online

Apr 26-27, 2022 In-person

June 20-28, 2022 Live Online

Quality and Testing Foundations

Nov 3-5 Live Online Closed

May 4-6, 2022 Live Online

SQL – Introduction

Mar 17-18, 2022 Live Online

The Power of Positive Conflict … Even When Working Remotely

Nov 17-18 Live Online

Apr 20-21, 2022 Live Online

Using Data for Business Strategy and Decisions

Mon & Wed, May 16-18, 2022 Live Online


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