SQL – Intermediate/Advanced Concepts

For people who know how to write SQL statements, but want to master JOINS, UNIONS and subqueries, this course is for you. Advance your skills with some challenging problems and think outside the box! SQL Intermediate/Advanced Concepts builds on where the SQL Introduction course ends.

Lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice and instructor coaching are used in this course.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
Business Analysis Certificate
Data Analysis Certificate

Who Should Attend

Individuals who have taken the SQL Introduction class or have the equivalent experience.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand advanced SQL technique concepts such as JOINS, UNIONS, subqueries, roll-ups and groupings
  • Understand advanced database structures
  • Apply advanced concepts to understanding complex SQL queries using provided samples
  • Create advanced queries using JOINS, UNIONS, subqueries and groupings

Course Outline/Topics

SQL JOINS topics include:

  • Extensive review of Inner and Outer JOINS
  • Using the same table more than once in a JOIN
  • Full outer JOINS
  • Subqueries using IN
  • Subqueries with All, Some and Any
  • Subqueries with Exists
  • Subqueries as Columns
  • Not and And Problems
  • Condition Testing
  • Unlinked Data and Driver Tables


SQL Introduction or the equivalent experience


"Rajani is a great instructor. I really enjoyed her overall approach and content. I think she does an excellent job explaining concepts as well as
delivering examples that she expands on. I really got a lot of value from her delivery of the course as well as the structure. Would love to take more
courses with her as an instructor related to data/sql etc. Just a wonderful job, very knowledgeable, and … does an amazing job supporting the
course subject matter with explanations that help with understanding what the most important takeaways are."  —  Participant, December 2021

"This is my second course with Rajani – she is great! So knowledgeable on SQL, the concepts and real-world applications. Would highly recommend
anyone to take an SQL course with her."  —  Participant, December 2021

"Rajani was upbeat, funny and enjoyable to take the class with. She was also very knowledgeable about SQL and quick to answer questions."  —  Participant, May 2021

"Rajani was wonderful. She is so knowledgeable. She makes the class fun and helps with understanding the theories behind everything she teaches."  —  Participant, May 2021

"The content was a perfect build off the Beginner/Intro course we took. Rajani is a great resource for SQL. She is great at explaining and showing what the queries are doing."  —  Participant, April 2021

"Very good detail and knowledge of subject."  —  Pete Gnas, Network Manager, Milwaukee Police Department, 2019

"We reviewed the importance of the various JOINS because without having the base knowledge, the remainder of the course would have been more difficult to understand."  —  Crime Analyst, 2019

Dates and locations to be announced.


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