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Data Analysis Programs at UWM SCE

Data Analysis

With the rapid growth of the data-centric world, employers and job seekers are faced with the difficult challenge of being equipped to navigate the required analytics to be successful.

The Data Analysis Certificate provides skills and knowledge to empower individuals and teams to handle data and deliver insights. Professionals who are comfortable working with data are invaluable to an organization’s success.

Participants who complete the Data Analysis Certificate may be eligible for elective credits in the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee’s MS for Information Technology Management (ITM) program. Individuals who take Python as part of their Continuing Education curriculum may have the coding foundations requirement waived. Participants need to apply and be accepted into the master’s level program for credit eligibility.

Launching in fall 2022, the Data Analysis – Advanced Certificate builds on the Data Analysis Certificate and takes your skills to the next level. Explore courses in Microsoft’s Power BI, Artificial Intelligence, Python and more … and continue to grow your skills!

Note: Take any class from either certificate program as an individual seminar or take all classes required to earn a full certificate.

Customized Training Solutions

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Yolanda Rivera – Data Analysis Certificate | UWM School of Continuing Education

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – An Introduction

Oct 25-26 In-person

June 5-7, 2023 Live Online

Data Ethics

Oct 3 Live Online

Feb 27, 2023 Live Online

Data Foundations

Sept 12-Oct 9 Online

Jan 30-Feb 26, 2023 Online

Microsoft Excel for Analytics

Dec 8-9 Live Online

May 4-5, 2023 In-person

Power BI – Introduction

Oct 17-24 Live Online

Mar 6-13, 2023 Live Online

Power BI – Modeling Data

2 Jan 30-Feb 8, 2023 Live Online

Python for Data Analysis

Nov 10-11 In-person

3 Tue & Thu, Apr 4-20, 2023 Live Online

Python Next Level for Business

Mon & Wed, June 12-28, 2023 Live Online

SQL – Intermediate/Advanced Concepts

2 Fri, Oct 28-Nov 4 Live Online

Apr 17-24, 2023 In-person

SQL – Introduction

Oct 13-14 In-person

Mar 9-10, 2023 Live Online

Statistics – Fundamentals for Data Analysts

Oct 17-Nov 13 Online

Mar 13-Apr 9, 2023 Online

Storytelling With Data

Nov 17-18 Live Online

May 15-16, 2023 In-person

Strategy for Data Collection and Analysis

2 Fri, Mar 24-31, 2023 Live Online

Understanding Data in Organizations

Mon & Wed, Nov 14-16 Live Online

Mon & Wed, Apr 24-26, 2023 Live Online

Using Predictive Analytics for Business

2 Tue, Dec 6-13 Live Online

2 Tue, Apr 18-25, 2023 In-person


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