Python for Data Analysis

formerly Python – Introduction

Python is a popular general-purpose programming language that can be used for a wide variety of applications – especially in data analytics. Python’s simplicity lets newcomers learn to use it quickly, yet it is still powerful enough for experts. Users can spend more time solving problems and less time thinking about how the language actually works. In this hands-on course, you learn the basics of Python and take home code that you can reuse in your workplace.

Knowledge of Python has become a skill much sought by employers in a wide variety of fields. It has become so popular that it is taught from high school through graduate school.

This course involves lecture, demonstration, hands-on practice and instructor coaching.

This course can be applied to the following certificates:
AI Python Certificate
Data Analysis Certificate


Jacob Fink, MS, CFA

Jacob Fink, MS, CFA

Jacob Fink is a data analyst at Geneva Capital Management. In this role, Jacob creates a variety of financial reports which give insights into the movements of style factors and provide transparency into the risk effects of proposed investment strategy ... read more

Who Should Attend

The target audience for this course is analysts and others who are called upon to interpret data, identify trends and provide insights.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the capabilities of the Python ecosystem
  • Memorize the basic syntax and program flow operators
  • Install packages to extend the features of the core language
  • Solve practical business problems with Python automation
  • Build a portfolio of simple programs which help you save time and avoid errors in your daily work

Course Outline/Topics

  • Overview of Python
    • Uses of Python in business and academics
    • How to configure your development environment
    • Saving current work and accessing previous work
  • Basic commands and capabilities
    • Workspace navigation
    • Data types, operations, logic and control flow commands
    • Running programs in the IDE and command prompt
    • Explaining how Python uses various data types
    • Creating your own Python functions for financial calculations
    • Interpreting and fixing errors through debugging
  • Using and installing packages
    • Exploring the built-in standard packages that come with Python
    • Extending functionality by installing new packages with pip
    • Explaining the most commonly used packages
  • Importing and manipulating data
    • Getting user input into your programs
    • Reading and writing to text files
    • Data cleaning and preparation tips
    • Merging together multiple data sources
    • Reading and writing to Excel files
    • Intro to Pandas DataFrames
  • Making decisions with data
    • How to translate business needs into small useful programs
    • Incorporating business logic into data processing rules


No previous computer science or programming skills are necessary.


"Jacob was amazing! This was my very first programming course and not only was Jacob very knowledgeable, but he also was able to convey complex programming concepts to all of us. Jacob was also very positive and provided excellent guidance and encouragement!"  —  Rod Brushwood, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, June 2022

"This has been my favorite course on the data analysis certification yet! I am excited to use the things that I have learned from this class in my job.

Jacob was super helpful with problems, along with questions on real-world issues. The PowerPoint and project questions were very well thought out and thorough on the concepts.

I really enjoyed the virtual class. Living an hour away from campus, it allowed me to focus more on the material and not have to worry about making the drive in time. The remote desktop was great for an easy start to the classes without having to worry about downloading a bunch of programs. Very well put together class.

 "  —  Morgan Bauer Millipore, Sigma, Participant, March 2021

"It was definitely a good class to learn an overview of the variety of things Python can be used for in the workplace. [The instructor was] very patient and helpful to everyone’s questions – makes a huge difference when learning new complex (or even simple) concepts and especially via virtual learning."  —  Participant, March 2021

"Very good instructor … could tell he really understood the material and gave us tons of help and example problems."  —  Participant, March 2020

Date: Thu-Fri, Oct 10-11, 2024

Delivery Method: In-person

Time: 8:30am-4:30pm CT

Location: UWM School of Continuing Education

Instructor: Jacob Fink MS, CFA


$845 by Sept 26, 2024
$895 after Sept 26, 2024

CEUs: 1.4

Enrollment Limit: 20

Program Number: 5020-16285

Registration Deadline: Oct 9, 2024

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Date: 3 Mon: Feb 17, Feb 24 & Mar 3. 3 Wed: Feb 19, Feb 26 & Mar 5, 2025.

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 6-8:30pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Jacob Fink MS, CFA


$845 by Feb 3, 2025
$895 after Feb 3, 2025

CEUs: 1.4

Enrollment Limit: 20

Program Number: 5020-16289

Registration Deadline: Feb 16, 2025

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