Trauma in Our Community

Thank you for joining us on June 16!

Life After Trauma – Building Resilience

“Believe in hope, and chase it down like a
hunter ….

Send [your] thoughts toward
hope like a lead explorer, going ahead of us to
find higher ground and holding up a lantern
until we catch up ….

Send your thoughts toward recovery, relief,
resolution and peace, however far ahead those
are right now.

You’ll get there.
Hope will light the way.
Follow it all the way home.”

– Jen Hatmaker, author and speaker, January 2022

Trauma comes in many forms and impacts people in a variety of ways. It is a life experience shared by all. Trauma is an invisible wound … those on the outside rarely know the pain and devastation that exist beneath the surface. But the human spirit is stronger than we think. We are resilient.

At this year’s Trauma in Our Community Conference, we will explore post traumatic growth and healing, with particular emphasis on how to build resilience in the face of traumatic events.