2018 Trauma in Our Community

All we need is you.

Anyone in the community can be subjected to a wide range of traumatic events, from being physically injured to sustaining traumatic brain injury, to witnessing suffering from the aftermath of violence.

This conference is intended for: teachers, school and youth counselors, psychologists, social workers, medical providers, parents and foster parents, and anyone interested in addressing trauma care throughout the healthcare system.

There is no “quick fix” solution for unseen injuries, but education is the key. Those who have experienced trauma need better service and they need it now.

Save the date: June 20, 2018

Join us, we need you.

Join counselors, social workers, clinicians, psychologists, physicians, nurses, and related practitioners as they present trauma-informed practices. Over the course of this conference, attend workshops from local and national experts to increase your knowledge of the needs of the community that surrounds us.

Questions? Please contact Angela Kelber – kelbers2@uwm.edu or 414-227-3314

Conference Bonus – Register and attend the conference for chance to win one of two round trip tickets from Southwest Airlines! Tickets are valid on any published domestic or international Southwest Airlines flight.