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Digital Marketing

Keep pace with a digital marketing landscape that is changing more quickly than ever. Rapid development of technologies used to reach an increasingly empowered and informed target audience has made keeping up with digital marketing tools and practices a challenge. Here’s how we can help:

  • Benefit from a comprehensive curriculum that provides the fundamental skills required for well-rounded digital marketers
  • Experience a mentored program structure that allows you to work closely with instructors who are leading experts in the industry
  • Walk away with program deliverables that help you go beyond listening to doing
  • Earn professional certificates that build your resume and advance your career

Customized Training Solutions
Bring our courses to your team. We can tailor the curriculum to meet the specific needs of your organization and deliver the training when and where you want it. For more information, email

Adobe Illustrator – Basics

Oct 25, 2023 Live Online

Mar 1, 2024 Live Online

Adobe InDesign – Basics

Nov 1-2, 2023 Live Online

May 2-3, 2024 Live Online

Adobe Photoshop Boot Camp

Feb 1-2, 2024 Live Online

Building an Integrated Digital Content Strategy

Oct 25-30, 2023 Live Online

Feb 21-26, 2024 Live Online

Capstone for Social Media Manager Certificate

Nov 26-Dec 9, 2023 Online

Apr 28-May 11, 2024 Online

Email Marketing Best Practices

2 Tue, Sept 19-26, 2023 Live Online

Apr 18-25, 2024 Live Online

Foundations for Effective Digital Marketing

Sept 25-Oct 22, 2023 Online Closed

Jan 29-Feb 25, 2024 Online

Google Ads Ecosystem: Introduction

4 Mon, Oct 23-Nov 13, 2023 Live Online

4 Wed, May 1-22, 2024 Live Online

Google Analytics Advanced Techniques

Nov 30-Dec 1, 2023 Live Online

Apr 15-17, 2024 Live Online

Introduction to Digital Marketing Analytics

Oct 10-11, 2023 Live Online

Feb 27-28, 2024 Live Online

SEO – What It Takes to Win

4 Fri, Oct 27-Nov 17, 2023 Live Online

4 Tue, Mar 5-26, 2024 Live Online

Social Media Audience Engagement and Program Measurement

Oct 1-21, 2023 Online

Mar 3-23, 2024 Online

Social Media Content Management

Oct 29-Nov 18, 2023 Online

Mar 31-Apr 20, 2024 Online

Social Media Strategy

Sept 5-23, 2023 Online

Feb 4-24, 2024 Online

Storytelling Films: How to Make an Emotional Connection With Your Audience Through Video

Nov 6-13, 2023 Live Online Closed

Mar 18-25, 2024 Live Online

Writing High-Impact Digital Copy

Oct 2-9, 2023 Combined Online

Feb 12-19, 2024 Combined Online


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