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SEO – What It Takes to Win

(formerly SEO – The When, What and How)

In a constantly evolving marketing landscape, SEO is a crucial practice that is here to stay and more important than ever.

In this course, you learn:

  • Foundational elements of SEO – from the history of Google’s algorithms to updates throughout time … and why not to be afraid of these algorithms.
  • Technical SEO – how search engines crawl and index websites and how to make sure yours is built to make it easy for them.
  • Content and on-page optimization – from ever-changing best practices to finding out what key words and topics a website should use and why.

More important than just exploring the tenets of SEO – you’ll put them into practice. Hands-on workshops in each session include tools that SEOs use every day. You will be rewarded with the ability to turn research into actionable steps that make a website win.

This course can be applied to the Digital Marketing Certificate.


Tony Van Hart

Tony Van Hart

Tony Van Hart is the president and CEO of Momentic, a boutique Milwaukee agency that focuses solely on SEO and digital strategy. Tony started his career as a digital copywriter. He began his near career-long obsession with learning what makes ... read more

Who Should Attend

Digital marketers, web designers and developers, and anyone interested in learning about the latest SEO concepts to increase website traffic

Course Outline/Topics

Introduction to SEO

  • How Google Search Works
  • Overview of Google’s Guidelines
  • Google Algorithm Update History and Why Not to Be Scared
  • Keeping Up With SEO News

Technical SEO: Best Practices and More

  • Google’s Job: Crawling and Indexing
  • How to Help Google Crawl Sites Faster and More Often
  • Workshop: Crawl/Analyze/Identify
    • Crawl a website, analyze the crawl data and identify issues that may be hindering indexation or leading to less organic visibility
    • On-page optimization basics and best practices
  • Developing an SEO Audit

Keyword Research

  • Using Competitive Research
  • SERP Analysis
  • Free and Paid Tools
  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console

Competitive Research

  • Choosing Actual Competitors Over Real World
  • Identifying Competitive Strategies

Content Gap Analysis/Content Strategy Creation

Bringing It All Together to Create an SEO Strategy Built to Win


Basic understanding of websites and marketing concepts. If possible, please bring credentials for your organization’s Google Search Console account. This will allow you to use real data in course exercises.


"The instructor was extremely knowledgeable about the subject. He answered questions and explained everything well. I just wish the classes lasted longer, because there was so much to this subject. Plus it was fun."  —  Participant, April 2022

"Tony was a great instructor and took the time to answer student questions."  —  Participant, April 2022

"I appreciate the in-depth class and feel as though I’m getting a better grasp on SEO. I’m definitely going to save these materials."  —  Participant, December 2021

"This course was exactly what I hoped it would be when I signed up. The opportunity to do the exercises during the class and then discuss was perfect for me (rather than trying to do them after work hours while juggling life). Thank you!"  —  Participant, December 2021

"This was the best class I have taken with the UWM School of Continuing Education. It was very informative and presented in a way that was easy to digest. [The instructor] also did a great job of helping out with individual topics and concerns so it wasn’t just a broad overview."  —  Participant, November 2019

"Class size was perfect!"  —  Participant, November 2019

"I really enjoyed this course! I felt that I came in with very little knowledge on SEO and came out with a lot of helpful information, [and] tips and tricks to use that will be very beneficial to bring back to my organization. The exercises were really useful and created a dialogue that also added to the learning experience. Tony was great!"  —  Anne Jones, November 2019

"I liked this class a lot. I received actionable items that I can take back to the office which is what I was looking for. The instructor was supportive and interacted a lot with members of the class."  —  Participant, November 2019

"I need to apply these skills to my company!"  —  Participant, November 2019

"There is a lot of information. It could have been longer. But Tony was great. [Editorial note: Class is now twice as long!]"  —  Participant, April 2019

"Tony was great! His lesson had a great mix of exercises and lecture. I enjoyed that most of it was interactive which kept me engaged and interested."  —  Participant, April 2019

"Of all the courses, this one left me feeling most empowered to act. Some of that was from the individual consults during the class, but only to an extent. The tools and how-tos gave me excellent starting points to do more."  —  Participant, November 2018

"The instructors provided very useful feedback, real-world examples and thoroughly answered all of my questions. I liked that there were two instructors so that they were able to get around to individuals and answer our questions. Also, I liked all of the useful tools they walked us through that I can now use on the job."  —  Sarah Tennant, November 2018

"The course was a lot of really great info and probably could be multi-day to get a little more in-depth into all the facets of SEO."  —  Kasie Cox, November 2018

"I was amazed at the amount of information regarding SEO. As someone with no previous digital experience, this class was extremely valuable and gave me some immediate ideas of things I can put into practice."  —  Participant, November 2018

"I took this class as part of the certificate, but SEO wasn’t on my list of things I really wanted to learn about. I was surprised how interesting and valuable it was, and I have a number of ideas of things I can do differently when I get back to the office. The class surpassed my expectations."  —  Participant, 2015

"I picked up a number of new things even though I’ve had other SEO classes before, and I have been in the web field for 15+ years!"  —  Participant, 2014

Date: 4 Tue, Nov 22-Dec 13

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 8:30am-Noon CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Tony Van Hart


$648.99 by Nov 8
$699 after Nov 8

CEUs: 1.4

Enrollment Limit: 20

Program Number: 5026-14795

Note: Participants will receive instructions for logging into Canvas to access course materials and Zoom links several days prior to first class.

Registration Deadline: Nov 22

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Date: 4 Wed, Mar 15-Apr 5, 2023

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 8:30am-Noon CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Tony Van Hart


$649 by Mar 1, 2023
$699 after Mar 1, 2023

CEUs: 1.4

Enrollment Limit: 20

Program Number: 5026-14796

Note: Participants will receive instructions for logging into Canvas to access course materials and Zoom links several days prior to first class.

Registration Deadline: Mar 15, 2023

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