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Human Resource Management & SHRM

Managing human resources and developing your organization are ongoing processes to create a productive, happy workforce. HR encompasses everything from tactical activities, like FMLA and workers’ compensation, to big picture issues, including assessments, communication, coaching, and being a business partner.

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Conducting Efficient and Effective HR Investigations

Dec 15, 2023 Live Online

May 17, 2024 Live Online

Effective Live Online Instruction

3 Thu, Oct 5-19, 2023 Live Online

Learning Experience Design for Online Courses and Training

2 Tue & Thu, Nov 28-Dec 7, 2023 Live Online

Practical HR: How to Navigate Employment Law Myths and Landmines

Oct 6, 2023 Live Online

Apr 12, 2024 Live Online


4 Tue, Feb 20-May 7, 2024 Live Online


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