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Management and Leadership Development Programs at UWM SCE

Management and Leadership Development

Whether you are a frontline manager/supervisor new to management – or an emerging leader within your organization – develop your management and leadership skills through our professional development courses and certificates. Gain the skills you need to work with individuals, teams and leadership within your organization and establish your place within your organization and industry.

Grow your skills, value and career with professional development from Wisconsin’s premier public, urban university. Learn from instructors with real-world experience who provide up-to-date knowledge in small group sessions.

Customized Training Solutions

Develop your staff on your terms and at your convenience. Invest in professional development training for your organization, specifically tailored to your needs and delivered at your site or ours. For more information, contact our customized training team at

Agile Project Management

2 Mon & Tue, Sept 19-27 Live Online

Apr 20-21, 2023 In-person

Building Psychological Safety and Trust With Your Teams

2 Fri, Oct 14-21 In-person

2 Fri, Apr 14-21, 2023 Live Online

Critical Thinking: Business Analysis and Decision-Making Strategies

Nov 7-9 Live Online

Apr 17-19, 2023 Live Online

De-Stressing Your Distress

Oct 27-28 In-person

Apr 24-25, 2023 In-person

Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

Wed & Fri, Nov 30-Dec 2 Live Online

June 14-16, 2023 Live Online

Emotional Intelligence: Dealing With Difficult People, Including Yourself!

Nov 29-30 In-person

Jan 25-26, 2023 Live Online

June 7-8, 2023 In-person

Finance Skills for Nonfinancial Managers

Oct 18-19 In-person

Mar 6-14, 2023 Live Online

From Technical Expert to Strategic Leader

2 Thu & Fri, Oct 27-Nov 4 Live Online

2 Thu & Fri, June 22-30, 2023 Live Online

Having Difficult Conversations

Tue & Thu, Nov 8-10 Live Online

Tue & Thu, Feb 21-23, 2023 Live Online

Influence Without Authority: Manage People and Projects Up, Down and Virtually

Tue & Thu, Nov 15-17 Live Online

May 9-10, 2023 Live Online

Managing Virtual Staff and Teams

Tue & Thu, Dec 6-8 Live Online

Tue & Thu, Feb 14-16, 2023 Live Online

New Manager/Supervisor Certificate

4 Fri, Sept 30-Oct 21 Blended

4 Thu, Apr 20-May 11, 2023 Blended

Speaking and Presentation Skills for the Digital Age

2 Tue, Oct 25-Nov 1 In-person

2 Tue, June 13-20, 2023 In-person

Take a Coach Approach: Increase Employee Engagement Remotely and Face-to-Face

Oct 25-26 In-person

2 Wed & Thu, Apr 5-13, 2023 Live Online

Technical Writing for Nonwriters

July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023 On-Demand Online

The Power of Positive Conflict … Even When Working Remotely

Dec 7-8 Live Online

Apr 26-27, 2023 Live Online

Transitioning to an Executive Role: What It Takes to Take the Lead

2 Mon, Tue & Thu, Oct 11-17 Blended

2 Thu & Fri, June 1-9, 2023 Blended


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