Influence Without Authority

Understand the working dynamics of your organization: the nature of power and influence, your own personal sources and style of influencing others, and how to leverage your power to get things done. The ability to exercise influence without authority is one of the most important skills an individual can master. In fact, accomplishing tasks and projects often requires it, even when you may not have the formal authority to mandate action.


Julie Henszey

Julie Henszey

Julie Henszey is a small business and personal performance coach and founder of Next Step Goals, a leading coaching practice in the Milwaukee area. She is widely recognized as an expert in personal empowerment. Her solo travel to Tanzania to ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Identify your natural influencing style
  • Identify the needs of others to increase your effectiveness with them
  • Gain insight into the five triggers that cause a threat response in others and how to avoid them
  • Assess your own role in stalemates and how to gain momentum
  • Identify unproductive thought processes and a model to change
  • Gain positive psychology tools to identify unlikely allies

Course Outline/Topics

I. Positive Psychology Tools

a. Growth Mindset
b. Threat Triggers

II. Positive Power and Influence Model

a. Four Styles
b. Scenarios That Match Styles

III. Give and Take Models

a. Giving as a Future-Focused Model
b. Matching: Currencies and Potential Allies

IV. Road to Getting Stuck

a. Reacting Poorly
b. Changing Our Story

V. Preparing for a Conversation

a. Leritz’s No-Fault Formula
b. Worksheets


Program fee includes morning and afternoon refreshment networking breaks, lunches, instructional material, and discounted parking.


"I really enjoyed the exercises and the amount of time that we spent on them. That allowed us to really absorb the content and will help it stay with us. Julie was an amazing instructor. Such great energy that fueled the class forward! I’d love to learn more from her."  —  Sarah S., Davis & Kuelthau

Meet instructor Julie Henszey!

All sessions are Face-to-Face unless otherwise noted.

Date: Fri., Mar 15, 2019

Time: 8:30am-4pm

Location: UWM School of Continuing Education

Instructor: Julie Henszey


$345 by Fri., Mar. 1, 2019.
$395 after Fri., Mar. 1, 2019.

CEUs: 0.7, PDCs: 7, CDUs: 7, PD Hours: 7

Enrollment Limit: 36

Program Number: 5050-11458

Registration Deadline: Fri., Mar. 15, 2019

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