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Business and Interpersonal Communication Certificate

Effective communication – written and spoken – plays an important role in both personal and professional worlds. The Business and Interpersonal Communication Certificate focuses on developing your ability to communicate and collaborate as well as project a professional image to clients and colleagues. This power skills certificate examines emotional intelligence and the crucial role it plays in all of your interactions, while helping you define and practice new interpersonal communication skills for better professional and personal relationships. Courses in difficult conversations and conflict management prepare you for the most complex work dynamics. You even address unconscious bias as you hone your ability to interact with people outside your comfort zone. Elective courses enable you to sharpen specific business communication skills such as writing or public speaking and add to your toolbox of interpersonal communication abilities.

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish effective interpersonal communication skills and apply new or better choices in working with others
  • Reframe conflict and discover how to turn it into a positive
  • Identify difficult conversations and apply new strategies for positive results
  • Recognize and assess your own unconscious biases, developing fresh ways to see your work culture


To get started, sign up for any core course. Earn your certificate by completing all core courses and at least 3 electives.

For information on the course format, view the session information on the selected course page.

CORE COURSESFallSpringSummerPrice
Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

11/30-12/2 Live Online

6/14-6/16/2023 Live Online

Emotional Intelligence: Dealing With Difficult People, Including Yourself!

11/29-11/30 In-person

1/25-1/26/2023 Live Online

6/7-6/8/2023 In-person

Having Difficult Conversations

11/8-11/10 Live Online

2/21-2/23/2023 Live Online

The Power of Positive Conflict ... Even When Working Remotely

12/7-12/8 Live Online

4/26-4/27/2023 Live Online

Influence Without Authority: Manage People and Projects Up, Down and Virtually

11/15-11/17 Live Online

5/9-5/10/2023 Live Online

Speaking and Presentation Skills for the Digital Age

10/25-11/1 In-person

6/13-6/20/2023 In-person

Technical Writing for NonwritersOnline – Register anytime$289
Write High-Impact Copy for Your Website

10/17-10/24 Combined Online


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