Effective Interpersonal Communication Skills

This session prepares you to:

  • Communicate in ways that decrease misunderstanding and increase trust.
  • Manage your instinctive reactions to challenging conversations.
  • Give work performance feedback more effectively.
  • Listen actively when it’s difficult to do so.
  • Increase your emotional intelligence.
  • Align your nonverbal communication to your intended meaning.

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Laura Page

Laura Page

Laura V. Page is an independent management consultant who works with for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Her focus is on communications, team building, leadership development, customer service and strategic planning. She is a frequent public speaker, instructor, executive coach and meeting ... read more

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Flex your communication style to improve understanding
  • Apply techniques for managing difficult moments in sensitive conversations
  • Listen actively when it’s difficult to do so
  • Overcome perceptual and other communication barriers

Course Outline/Topics

  1.   Why Misunderstanding Is Normal
    1. How your brain works, the neuroscience of instant reactions
    2. Many factors affecting “meaning”
    3. Perceptual biases
    4. The nature of language
    5. Critical importance of nonverbals
    6. What’s style got to do with it
  2.   Emotional Intelligence
    1. Foundation of self-awareness
    2. Natural defensiveness
    3. Techniques for managing our fight or flight reactions
    4. Changing our trigger stories
    5. Mental practices to “rewire” our brain
  3. Listening Skills – Basic and Advanced
    1. Why it’s hard to listen
    2. Classic listening skills review
    3. Advanced listening techniques
    4. Listening questions for workplace coaching
    5. Giving advice can be a barrier
  4. A Coach Approach to Feedback
    1. Building Safety – Metacommunicating
    2. A useful model and guidelines
    3. When the going gets tough
    4. Tips and techniques
    5. Creating feedback agreements
    6. Giving praise effectively
  5. Continue Your Learning


"Directly applicable to my responsibilities at work."  —  Greg Fisch, Director of Computer Operations, Julie Inc.

"It was a great class. Great interaction with instructor and classmates. Awesome opportunity to discuss and share ideas."  —  Timothy Her, The Wagner Companies

Date: Wed-Fri, June 12-14, 2024

Delivery Method: Live Online

Time: 9am-3:30pm CT

Platform: Zoom

Instructor: Laura Page


$845 by May 29, 2024
$895 after May 29, 2024

CEUs: 1.2

Enrollment Limit: 30

Program Number: 5050-15875

Note: This class meets live online June 12 from 9:00am-3:30pm and on June 13 and 14 from 9:00am-Noon

Registration Deadline: June 5, 2024

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