Six Sigma and Process Improvement

Business process improvement can take many forms and often it is a challenge to decide where to start. Organizations that emphasize error reduction begin with Six Sigma.

The central idea in Six Sigma is to measure defects in a process, so that you can systematically eliminate errors and be as close to zero defects as possible. An error-free product leads to happy customers and repeat business. Obtain proven Six Sigma skills and practical experience to transform your organization beyond world-class performance. Learn the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) methodology, and minimize and reduce variations in your products.

Black Belts learn to apply the right tools at the right time to maximize efficiency in measuring, analyzing, improving and controlling critical processes. To be a Six Sigma Black Belt, you must be trained in these statistical tools and demonstrate proficiency in their use.

Organizations that emphasize waste reduction begin with Lean. The champions of lean methods are able to identify value-added and non-value-added processes within an organization. They use this information to determine process flow and create cellular modules. Often, this can reduce ownership by individuals for space use because down time of space is considered a waste. The lack of ownership created can be a change issue that management has to solve.

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