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Community Engagement

Within our mission to provide innovative and accessible lifelong learning opportunities that support individual, organizational and community development, the School of Continuing Education promotes social, political and economic growth. See examples of projects assisting refugees, youth and under-served populations here:

Center for Consumer Affairs
Center for Workforce Development

Center for Consumer Affairs

The Center for Consumer Affairs serves consumers in Wisconsin and across the nation by helping individuals, businesses, trade associations and lawmakers to make informed decisions. Examples include a survey of consumer perceptions on using electronic funds transfers; employer preferences for child care options; and consumer attitudes toward uninsured motorists.

Staff members are consulted by policy makers, consumer organizations, governmental agencies, individual businesses and trade associations. Special focus is on the examination of fair and legal advertisements throughout the auto industry, ensuring consumers are protected from false claims and promises.

For more information, contact: Liza Longhini, director of the Auto Advertising Standards Program,, 414-227-3252

Program area:

Center for Workforce Development

The Center for Workforce Development works with university, business and community partners to research and implement development strategies to increase worker skills in Southeast Wisconsin.

The Center generates new approaches to building a quality workforce through research, study and participation with Workforce Development stakeholders, while being involved in a variety of initiatives, including:

  • Creating industry-specific training for jobs that are likely to develop in the changing economy. The center works with partners from industry, educational institutions and government to analyze needs and offer classes, certificates and degrees to educate workers
  • Exploring changes in the economy and what they mean for workers and employers
  • Examining growth industries and developing insights into workers’ skills and knowledge that will help these industries grow

For more information, contact: Nancy Nelson, director of Workforce Development,,414-227-3123