Keeping up-to-date on educational programming in the engineering world is essential to stay relevant and fresh in this field. As a result, new programs at UWM are constantly being developed.

In addition, UWM’s engineering instructors have decades of real-world experience. They are professional engineers, consultants, business owners, executives, civil servants, professors and designers and managers of multimillion dollar projects. At UWM, they teach what has made them highly successful for years in their own fields.

Since fellow participants and instructors are professionals in various fields of engineering, a UWM engineering course is the ideal place to network, gain invaluable knowledge and grow your career.

UWM Continuing Education for engineers includes:
• Elastomer Technology
• Electrical Engineering
• Engineering Ethics
• Facility Management
• Industrial/Mechanical
• Plastics Technology
• Six Sigma and Process Improvement
• Water Resources

A note to professional engineers: For each hour of continuing education at UWM, you will receive one Professional Development Hour toward maintaining your PE license. 1 CEU = 10 PDHs.

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