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Facility Management Certificate

A well-maintained facility has direct implications for the people, places and processes of every company. Second to its employees, the facility is a company’s largest asset. The Facility Management Certificate focuses on developing the necessary skills to create a more efficient and effective facility. Covering essentials such as plumbing and electricity to analytical tasks like project management and blueprint reading, engineers across disciplines can benefit from this specialized certificate. Work with current industry experts to strengthen the diverse skill set required to maintain an effective facility.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze technologies used to manage and assess facility functions
  • Define facility management basics and their relation to the planning and business side of facility management services
  • Classify the standard services that facility managers are responsible for delivering
  • Compose strategies that integrate technology with best management practices (BMPs)
  • Evaluate the effects innovation has on a facility’s strategic positioning
  • Identify effective methods to administer and manage construction and relocation projects


To get started, enroll in the recommended first course, Introduction to Facility Management, Business Planning and Service Delivery. Earn the certificate in as little as 18 months by completing 4 courses.

Beyond Facility Management Service Delivery



Facility Management Administration and Sustainability



Introduction to Facility Management, Business Planning and Service Delivery
Recommended first course


Strategic Practices in Facilities and Engineering




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