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Introduction to Facility Management, Business Planning and Service Delivery

In this course you learn the basics of facility management. From operations and maintenance to facility planning, it covers all of the areas that a facility manager is responsible for when managing buildings.

This course can be applied to the Facility Management Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Gain an understanding of the basics of facility management
  • Learn about the typical hard and soft services that facility managers are responsible for delivering
  • Explore the planning and business side of delivering facility management services

Course Outline/Topics

Topic 1-Introduction to Facility Management

This session will provide an overall view (from 1,000 feet up) of the broad range of tasks and responsibilities involved in managing a facility and the juggling act that is the daily life of a facility manager.

Topic 2- Facility Services – Part 1

This session will cover the different areas of a facility that are often overlooked or taken for granted, yet areas that somehow manage to give each facility a distinctive look and feel.

Topic 3-Facility Services – Part 2

This session will cover typical FM activities related to the day-to-day operational activities, some of which are typically performed in-house and some outsourced.  Examples include: building operations and maintenance, outsourcing and out-tasking, janitorial services and food service.

Topic 4-Facility Planning

In this session we will cover activities related to the planning and business side of facility management. It includes items such as: budgeting, finance, master planning, strategic and tactical planning, the balanced scorecard, benchmarking, and asset management

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