Facility Management Soft Services and Beyond

Learn about aspects of facility management beyond the delivery of basic services such as operations and maintenance. Discuss issues relating to the health, safety and protection of a company’s people and buildings; the technologies that facility managers use to manage their services and buildings; and the important aspect of providing a well-designed workplace for an organization’s employees.

This course can be applied to the Facility Management Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Learn about the technologies used to manage buildings, the FM function and the technologies that allow an organization’s employees to communicate with each other and the world at large
  • Understand the importance of and the means to keep a company’s employees safe and to protect company assets
  • Examine what it takes to provide and manage a well-designed workplace so that an organization’s employees can be most productive and satisfied

Course Outline/Topics

Topic 1 – Events and Meetings
This session covers the areas of meetings, events, the spaces in which these take place and the equipment most often used to conduct them. In addition, learn about the subject of sound masking within a work space.

Topic 2 – Communication Technology
This session covers the various types of phone systems, as well as Voice-over-IP, and the infrastructure (cabling) that is necessary to make these systems work.

Topic 3 – Construction and Renovation
This session covers the broad area of construction and renovation projects, and specifically the subjects of carpeting and lighting within a facility.

Topic 4 – Ergonomics and Furniture
This session will cover the related topics of ergonomics and furniture.

Topic 5 – Environmental Health and Safety
One of the key objectives of facility management is to provide a safe environment for employees. This session will cover the areas related to the safety of the people in your buildings, your buildings and property, and your organization’s business. Some of the areas covered include emergency preparedness and business continuity, life safety, insurance, and hazardous waste and materials.

Topic 6 – Facility Management Technology
Technology is important to the success of any company and to each department in the company. This is especially true in facility management. In this session we will cover technology that helps facility managers run their buildings.

Topic 7 – Managing the Workplace.
One of the things that facility managers must always remember is that they provide a workplace that allows the employees to perform their best and to be most productive. This not only helps their companies be successful but also results in a higher level of employee satisfaction which in turn can help companies attract and retain the best talent.

Dates and locations to be announced.


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