Facility Management Administration and Sustainability

For many building occupants, facility management has mostly to do with hands-on maintenance and repair. A burned-out light bulb is reported and a maintenance representative replaces it. An occupant reports that the building is too warm and a maintenance technician appears to adjust the HVAC. But there is another side of facility management that most occupants don’t see – the administrative side. Learn how facility managers deal with design and construction, contracts and relocation planning.

The last day of the course is an in-person class tour.

This course can be applied to the Facility Management Certificate.

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Understand how facility managers administer and manage construction and relocation projects
  • Learn about the policies and procedures developed and administered by facility managers that impact building occupants on a daily basis
  • Learn how facility managers contribute to their company’s social responsibility through sustainable building operations

Course Outline/Topics

Topic 1- Contracts and Projects
Discuss facility management purchasing procedures, contracting, negotiating, project management, the impact of building codes, and how facility managers tie all these things together through good organizational skills.

Topic 2-Facility Management Administration
Learn about “background” administrative items such as: policies and procedures, employee handbook and company culture.

Topic 3-Sustainability
Discuss the relationship between facility management and their company’s corporate social responsibility program, and how sustainable building operations positively impact occupants by providing a healthy environment.

Topic 4-Office Services
Discuss the most common types of office equipment, various types of office services as well as functions like the mailroom and copying, and the supplies needed in each of these areas.

Topic 5 – Facility Location / Relocation Planning
Learn about all aspects of facility location, ranging from establishing a new facility and expanding, downsizing and moving a facility, all the way to (when necessary) closing a facility.

Topic 6-Program Wrap-up

Dates and locations to be announced.


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