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Electrical Engineering Certificate

Electricity flows through every organization, and because it affects all communities, electrical engineers must maintain diverse skill sets to keep power grids and business lines open for use. The Electrical Engineering Certificate concentrates on learning the fundamental skills needed to understand projects from the early stages of design to the final stages of implementation. Ranging from transmission line and substation design to power system operation and electrical equipment aging, we offer a broad selection of electrical engineering courses. Work with our experienced instructors, who are engineers themselves, to learn new skills and solve problems you’re currently facing.

Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze key electrical parameters and fundamental operations of power systems
  • Define industry practices, technical requirements, configuration philosophies, information resources and work procedures
  • Use case studies to better predict interruptions, outages and blackouts within power networks
  • Apply cost-saving strategies to your electrical engineering projects
  • Examine case studies to strengthen the fundamentals of your electrical engineering processes
  • Identify the operating principles, controls and protections of various electrical systems


To get started, enroll in one of our three-day sessions below. Earn the certificate in as little as 18 months by completing nine or more days of courses.

Drawings – Schematics and Wiring$1095
Electrical Equipment Aging and Service Life Considerations$1395
Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals$1395
Low Voltage AC System Design Considerations$1095
Power Generation – On-Site Power Systems$1095
Protective Relaying Principles & Applications$1395
Substation and Power Plant DC Systems$1095
Tomorrow's Power System$1095
Transmission Line Design$1295
Understanding Power Line and Wildfire Risks


Understanding Power System Design & Operation$1395
ONLINE COURSESSpringSummerFallPrice
Drawings – Schematics and Wiring


Electrical Equipment Aging and Service Life Considerations


Electrical Substation Design Fundamentals


Power Generation – On-Site Power Systems


Protective Relaying Principles & Applications


Substation and Power Plant DC Systems


Understanding Power System Design & Operation



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