Transmission Line Design

This introductory course is for those just entering the field or those requiring a review of transmission line design. It introduces transmission line engineering to engineers of all fields, managers and others that are currently unfamiliar with the rigors of transmission line design.

This program covers the fundamentals for the electrical, civil and structural design components of electric transmission lines. Topics covered include:

  • Transmission Line Project Components
  • Planning
  • Environmental and Permitting
  • National Electrical Safety Code Loads and Clearances
  • Land Acquisition – Right of way Determination
  • Engineering and Design
  • Towers, Poles and Conductors
  • Construction
  • Project Management

The course addresses a wide variety of design subjects at a level appropriate to those relatively new to the area of transmission line design. It introduces the various fields of endeavor and their associated career paths in the transmission line industry from planning through design, construction, and operations. Industry practices, technical requirements, configuration philosophies, design practices, emerging technologies, information resources and work procedures are presented

This course can be applied to the Electrical Engineering Certificate.

Who Should Attend

Engineers, supervisors, drafting personnel, contract managers, consultants, managers, analysts, designers, engineers and technicians involved with the design, development or utilization of transmission lines

Benefits and Learning Outcomes

  • Examine industry and design practices, technical requirements, configuration philosophies and resources and procedures
  • Understand mechanical loads on structures and foundation design

Course Outline/Topics

  • Transmission Line Project Process
    • Definitions
    • State of the industry.
    • Delivery Systems
    • Renewable Integration
  • Electrical Transmission Fundamentals
  • Design
    • Weather
    • Loadings
    • Structures
    • NESC Clearances
  • Project Management
    • Environmental
    • Permitting
    • Scheduling
    • Construction

Dates and locations to be announced.


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